Ozark Season 4 Ends With A Shocking Twist

ozark spoilers follow.

ozark the first part of season four ended with a bang (and plenty of blood spatter) when pseudo cartel boss Javi Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera) blew the brains out of newlyweds Darlene née Snell (Lisa Emery) and Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan).

It was the kick in the teeth that ignited Ruth’s afflicted rage and sparked explosive events that even the Byrdes couldn’t extricate themselves from.

Enough foreplay! Let’s get into what really happened in the ozark season four finale.

The Ozark Season 4 Ending Explained

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The second part opens with an unstable Ruth (Julia Garnier) tracking down Wyatt’s killer. It doesn’t take long before his outburst of rage ends with his shooting Javi to the death in front of Byrdes and Shaw’s medical boss, Clare Shaw (Katrina Lenk).

To protect himself and Ruth the Byrdes cover up his deed by telling Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) that his nephew is missing and is presumed dead. Which puts Navarro in a prime position to reaffirm his extradition deal with the FBI, but first he must regain control of his drug cartel.

He does this by having Marty personally deliver the message that he killed Javi and sending him to temporarily act as his emissary in Mexico.

The news doesn’t sit well and someone attempts to murder Navarro’s life – that someone being his sister Camila (Javi’s mother, played by Veronica Falcón).

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Meanwhile, Clare Shaw feels a little cold towards the Byrdes after helping clean up Javi’s blood from her office floors. She makes a deal with Ruth Langmore to oust the Byrdes by using Darlene’s inherited drugs to provide medical Shaw.

This suits Ruth perfectly, because in addition to getting rid of the Byrdes, she intends to use her new income to buy the majority of the shares of The Missouri Belle casino from them.

julia garner, ozark, season four


Naturally, they refuse, as this is their main money laundering activity for the cartel. However, Ruth is a Langmore and Langmores apparently isn’t giving up.

Through the Langmore-Snell nuptials, Ruth inherited Darlene’s estate as well as her shares in Beauty. She buys the remaining shares from Charles Wilkes and has her criminal record cleared, making her the proud majority owner of the Belle and the first clean Langmore in five generations.

If only there was some sort of gold plate for that. Oh shit, she can buy one.

Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) – who also has a backbone – finds a way to bring Clare back into a five-year drug supply deal with the cartel and a $150 million donation to the Byrde Foundation, plus stock for Camila in Shaw Medical.

The loss of Belle, however, still poses a pressing problem for the Byrdes as they need her to launder money from Navarro, who has also pushed his extradition plans from month to day.

It’s forbidden for Ruth, who insists on running a legitimate business. So what are the Byrdes doing? Formulate another plan on top of their quicksand base of half-built plans.

After the hit on Navarro, the FBI mentions that if he were to die, they would be happy for Marty (Jason Bateman) to lead the cartel to continue their drug busts.



Of course, that won’t work for the Byrdes, but it gives Wendy an idea: get Navarro killed and replace him with his sister. Still in pain for her son, Camila accepts.

Despite Wendy’s apparent dark soul, her fierce and warped love for her children means it’s all meaningless unless she gets them back.

From where you might be wondering? Well, in the midst of this chaos of life and death, her own father – having learned that she had ordered the hit on his brother Ben (Tom Pelphrey) – forces Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) to move in with him.

The news pushes an already strained Wendy to commit, and she refuses to leave the institution until Marty brings them back.

Marty – already having his hands full – delegates the task to Ruth by threatening to tell Camila the truth about her death. She agrees and leads Jonah and Charlotte to see the truth about their vile, drunken grandfather whose real intention was to cause Wendy grief and embarrassment.

skylar gaertner, sofia hublitz, ozark, season 4 part 2


Charlotte and Jonah chat with Wendy, who admits she tried to control them. She explains (in these very important words):

“Your dad and I were trying to build something for all of us, and I promise not to trap you in it.”

Feeling emotional, well, as emotional as Byrdes is, they move on and agree to reunite as a family.

This touching heart to heart is followed by this car accident scene. You remember, the flashforward of the beginning of the season. Sam Cooke plays on the stereo and bam! The Byrdes take flight.

Turns out it was really just a symbol of life’s unpredictability, as they all make it out unscathed and ready to dance the night away at the Belle-Byrde Foundation event more late in the evening.

Everything seems to be going incredibly well. The Byrdes are on their way out of the drug business, having handed over the reins of Missouri Belle to Ruth and Rachel (Jordana Spiro) — yeah, she’s back. Legally, of course – can’t smear Ruth’s spotless record – because the FBI gave her the green light, under the guise of a cooperating witness.

However that would not be ozark if there weren’t a few twists yet.

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While raising funds for the foundation, Camila has an idea that the Byrdes and Clare know more about her son’s death than they are letting on. Especially after finding out her brother wasn’t responsible (she keeps getting him killed and taking his stuff, which is kind of bad brother behavior).

The Byrdes keep it cool and low key but a small mention of a gratuitous death and Clare spills the wick that it was Ruth who was responsible.

Camila orders her henchman to kill the Byrde children if Ruth is warned of what is coming. Despite their obvious anguish – even Wendy was beside herself – they keep their composure and carry on while the fearsome Ruth Langmore is gunned down by Camila at the side of the road.

A bitter end to their dysfunctional pseudo-family relationship. This note resounds heavily throughout the final act of ozarkbut in truth ozark mode, there is one last sting for the Byrdes.

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Remember Mel Sattem (Adam Rothenberg), the disgraced cop turned private investigator who was eager to prove that the Byrdes killed Ben?

Wendy and Marty pulled the strings to get him back to his cop job in exchange for him dropping the Ben case. He initially agreed, but his moral compass apparently continued to point due north.

He returns to Missouri and confronts the Byrdes with proof that Ben is dead, not missing (that damn cookie jar full of ashes!).

The Byrdes rely on their ironclad tactic of corruption, but this time it can’t be bought.

Their delicate house of cards is about to collapse when Jonah pulls out a gun and shoots Mel.

Yes, formally little Jonah Byrde, who abhors this life (except when he was holding Ruth’s money laundering books) takes Mel out, sealing his own fate.

Just as Wendy finally let go, giving her and Charlotte freedom, her murderous act traps him in the life she wanted to save him from.

Marty and Wendy Byrde may have gotten the freedom they were looking for, but this act reminds us that their wrongdoings have had and continue to have an impact on what they valued most: their children.

We think they call it poetic justice.

ozark is now available on Netflix.

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