Picture of Stephan’s Quintet galaxy a marvel from the James Webb House Telescope

A brand new picture produced by the James Webb Space Telescope reveals new particulars about Stephan’s Quintet, the first-ever found group of compact galaxies that was featured within the 1946 movie “It is a Great Life.”

I am positive most readers of the column are conversant in the vacation basic “It is a Great Life.” If you happen to’re not, that is the story of a person named George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) who desires to journey and do nice issues however finally ends up working a constructing and lending affiliation in a small neighborhood, whereas being married and locked up. in a continuing battle with the grasping outdated banker on the town. And when it lastly appears to be like just like the banker is about to drive him to wreck, George decides to kill himself, whereupon an angel, simply in time, intercedes and exhibits him, fancifully, what town would have been like with out him. The imaginative and prescient is so distressing that George begs the angel to convey him again to his plight, and now with boundless pleasure is saved, additionally very quickly, because of the monetary assist of his buddies.

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