Post NFL Draft Power Rankings: 49ers, Dolphins, Raiders, Colts, Browns, Vikings, Cardinals and Saints

Continuing with the power rankings, this is the middle ground where teams are either poised to be top dogs or bottom dwellers. Each of these teams has at least one question about their squad ahead of this season. It is only once the season has started that these questions will give us definitive answers.

Power Ratings: 1-10

#11: San Francisco 49ers

A team whose rankings could see some movement depending on the outcome of Deebo Samuel’s situation, the Niners are focused on developing promising quarterback Trey Lance. After trading three first-round picks for the North Dakota State product, Lance would have the starting role locked in as Jimmy Garoppolo looks set to leave. Looking at the rest of the roster, they have some of the best in the league in their positions. A


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