READING LIVE – ADL to KKN: “Retirement is archaic stuff, I did it out of anger! Full confidence in Spalletti. Mertens renewal? There will be no problems”

These are the first words of Aurelio De Laurentiis spread by the editorial staff of Radio Kiss Kiss which reached the president of Napoli.


Aurelio De Laurentiis, president of Napoli, gave an exclusive interview to Radio Kiss Kiss Naples, the official club radio. It starts with the decision to retire after the defeat of Empoli, which was then set aside: “The problem with retirement is that following a flash of heat that takes you as a fan. When you see a match, even if you are the president, you become a Curva e Distinti fan, because everyone who goes to the stadium is pure fans who deserve respect. In that moment playing themselves, I had never had a flash of color and warmth. I was so red that my wife asked me if I was sick. I was like this for 20 ‘, after those cursed 9’ of Empoli-Napoli where you feel bad. At that moment you offended the identity of Napoli, those 5 thousand fans who came there and those 160 million in the world who are watching you. You are speechless and you don’t know what to do. Then when you hear Spalletti himself say that retirement is needed, then you reflect and say ‘but what is this archaic nonsense of retirement’. Many journalists and opinion leaders who belong to the world of the past have not yet understood that football is a real industry with precise rules. ”

I smile sometimes when they say that De Laurentiis is a master father and did not put the right people in society. I don’t think so, Napoli have had an unprecedented ride in these 17 years. There was no longer Napoli so I called it Napoli Soccer. We didn’t even exist for Uefa, then we arrived in Serie A thanks to Reja, the boys and the exceptional boost of the San Paolo supporters, with the Figaro which titled ‘Naples queen of Europe’. We registered the 525th position in Serie A, then we slowly arrived among the 15 most important certified clubs with Roma, Inter and Milan around 30th place. Over the past two years, Covid has massacred us when we had tried to strengthen ourselves. We have perhaps taken the pandemic lightly, we have had a winter market like never before, taking Lobotkam Demme and Petagna. Then we invested many millions in Osimhen and previously in Lozano. Unfortunately we found ourselves with missing income from the sponsors who have left and from the missed stadium receipts, but we are still here and here we want to stay.

On the prepation: “I stayed with Spalletti and the technical staff in Luciano’s office. I said that we started like a locomotive, the preparation of Dimaro and Castel di Sangro obviously gave excellent results, but then something happened. I asked if it was a slowdown in training that perhaps are not very training, but I was told no, that they are training well and consistently “.

About Spalletti: “I have full confidence in Spalletti, I told him to better evaluate these last matches. We have to hit the Champions League, we are missing 4 points in four games. I told the players that they are from individual companies and as a unitary and united group they must fight with the team. between their teeth, their credibility is worth it. They have to defend the blue color, which is the most beautiful because it is like that of the national team. They are a wonderful group. Yesterday at dinner everyone listened attentively to me, someone even had the strength to join the I merit demonstrating a certain participation in the dialectic, which is always a pleasure. I explained to him that the fans are always right because they don’t know everything behind it. The fan goes to the stadium and wants to recover the anxieties caused by the life, football is a social safety net “.

On the renewal of Dries Mertens and yesterday’s visit to the Belgian’s home: “I sent him a medal with the images of Vesuvius to put around his son who is beautiful, very lively like his father (he jokes, ed). Ciro also called him, it is the least that the blue shone from his eyes Naples. Then I’m crazy about Palazzo Don Anna, I’ve been on its terrace enjoying the images of Capri, of which I am an honorary citizen and is always in my heart. I told Dries that he has an option for another year, in In these three years, everything and more has happened: the war, very big problems, Covid, so we have to sit down, he determines when, maybe at the end of the season. If he really wants to remain tied to this team and this city, we are here. Ciro he is in love with the lifestyle he has embraced in this city. Then speaking of football, I think he is the person who really left his mark with the number of goals. He really should be given the gold writing ‘Thanks Dries’ or ‘Thanks Ciro’ , so I guess there shouldn’t be there are problems for renewal, but in life never say never “.

On the future: Discriminating Champions aside. from 22 May we should do a full immersion of thought, I have always been projected towards the future, we will have to analyze where football is going. There are those who want to attack the medal and do not think about doing damage. The matches are becoming too many to the detriment of the national championships and to the contempt of the fan himself. If you try to make yourself beautiful with many nations in order to be revived and favor England. They have invented that there will be 36 participants in the Champions League with four recovered for the values ​​of previous years. We must understand once and for all: is football an industry? If so, these gentlemen must step aside and the leagues must have the strength to manage themselves, otherwise the toy will be smashed. The teams have to be reduced in order not to have all these accidents. Or do we have to have teams of 40 players? And then how do you train them and keep the teams in balance? “.

The patron it also formalized the first market hit in view of the next season: Khvicha Kvaratskheliaoffensive winger born in 2001 Georgian who will therefore collect the legacy of the departing Lorenzo Insigne: Unspeakable name, we’ll make a crasis. Remember how Zapata I called him Duvan because there were already 4-5 with that surname? I cannot call her Giorgia, because she is a great singer and then in the feminine she is not a great welcome. I hope I made a bang, he is a Napoli player in all respects“.

Refoundation, revolution for next year? All wrong terms, there will be an adjustment to what national and international football will be. It is important to create rules that in order to register for the championship, the clubs must have their accounts in order. Why did I vote against Gravina’s liquidity proposal? Because the proposals must be born in the League and not in the Football Association. The FIGC does not finance the League, but it is the opposite. It is not that because you have had Castel di Sangro you can have the same experience as those who climbed from C to A and then also with Bari climbed from C to B. Then there is another diatribe that we will see how to resolve . That situation that seems almost a revenge is also an offense towards the fans. After the chaos created with the Lazio problem you can say that from now on the new ones will not be able to do while those who already have remained, the important thing that they do not access the top flight. If not, you will also damage me financially, what do I have to do to ask the Federation for a refreshment? The problem is also that you can’t come to Serie A and not make the transfer market. In A at least you have to invest between 30 and 50 million, not just asking for loans with shared salaries. There is something wrong, I have been hearing for 7 years that we need to reduce the teams to 18. Maybe we need to go back to 1986 when there were 16 teams in A. Italian football is at stake“.

On the presence in Castel Volturno: “I was in charge of it, but do you know why I didn’t? In the first year of a new coach it didn’t seem the case. Being here every day would get a wrong message. Spalletti is someone you can’t deny his past, his palmares.

On the objectives: “At the beginning of the year we said that the priority was the return to the Champions League, not the Coppa Italia or the Europa League. Then you got enticed by talking about the Scudetto, not me. It is true that the ranking said so, but they are very worried about the many negative results at Maradona. Maybe San Paolo and Maradona got angry, who were called into question in our defeats. Joking aside, I think the problems are those of an evaluation that I will make at the end of the year on all the various departments, which must be more intertwined and not remain separate in order to place the responsibilities on each other “.

A message to the fans: “I apologize on behalf of the team and all the components that make it up for the poor figure of Empoli. Always come to the stadium, we need your warm cheering, tune in to the virtual stadium because we need your positive waves there too. Do not listen the questionable nonsense that journalists or former footballers from the North offer you. The South has been the envy of the world for 200-300 years. It is a cross that we must carry on our shoulders but sooner or later this cross will make us resurrect and command high all the foolish and incompetent. Come on Naples Always! ”

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