Reporting guidelines for human microbiome research: the STORMS checklist

  • The Genomic Standards Consortium and Massive Analysis and Quality Control Society provided feedback and approved the final checklist; CM, AR, JBD, HEJ and LW conceived of the checklist; CM, AR, JvdW, NS, CH, JBD, HEJ and LW developed the initial checklist; CM, FZ, SE, RA, JBD, HEJ and LW tested the checklist; CM and LW drafted the manuscript; FZM created manuscript headings and analytical sample size flowchart figures; CM created supplemental tables; AR, FZ, SE, LG, LJK, KE, JvdW, AL, FZM, DAM, MA, RA, F. Beghini, KB, AB, J. Bisanz, HCB, GAB, F. Bushman, DC, GC, MCC, PDC, JFC, RTD, SD, EE, JF, RDF, AAF, SF, AF, CF, JG, EG, BH-K., S. Handley, PH, S. Holmes, JPJ, LK, RK, D. Knights , OK, D. Kown, ML, BL, DPBM, ACM, SM, NTM, LN, MO, NP, EP, JR, MRR, JSE, MR, RBS, PDS, LS, E. Segal, MS, TS, E Smirnova, HS, JLS, SS, LBT, PJT, VU, RLW, PW, GZ, MZ, NZ, NS, JBD, HEJ and CH provided feedback on the checklist and manuscript; and all authors reviewed and approved the manuscript.

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