“Roger will try to solve a mystery connected to the Olmedo family”

It is the secret ally of the “waitress” Daniela Stabile (Carla Campra) in the current episodes of A life. Let’s talk about the Italian actor Francesco Bomenutowho became a guest star in the famous Iberian soap broadcast on Channel 5. A character, that of Roger, who allowed him to work more in Spain, just as he told us in this interview.

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Hi Francesco, welcome to Tv Soap. In One Life you played the character of Roger. How did you come to be part of the cast?

It was a beautiful experience. I arrived in Spain, for the first time, two and a half years ago because I wanted to start working here. I was so lucky to audition for A life with Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano, who are also the casting directors of The paper house. It was January 2020, just before the pandemic started. In June of the same year I returned to Italy but, around August 15, I received a call from my agent to confirm that I had been taken in the cast of Acacias 38, which is why I had to return to Madrid. I confess that I had almost forgotten, at that time, that I had taken the audition and it was a nice surprise, unexpected by the way.

What do you like about Roger?

Roger is an enigmatic character. He will try to solve a mystery, something that happened in the Olmedo family, made up of Roberto (Miguel Larranaga), Sabina (Ana Goya) and the young Miguel (Pablo Carro). He is a very mysterious man who will try not to be discovered because he has to keep the secret. And so it will be.

It is not the first time that you have confronted yourself with the world of soap, since you were in the cast of the third season of Il Paradiso delle Signore.

Exactly. That’s another soap that works too. It shot very well and the storyline works. There are some very good actors. I worked with great pleasure on that project.

Are there any greater difficulties in shooting an everyday product than perhaps a fiction or a film for the cinema?

Yes, it is certainly much faster and faster. I don’t hide from you, in fact, that on the first day of the set of Una Vita I was a bit anxious. It was my first Spanish project; I really wanted to work well, to bring home a great job. Certainly, compared to what I do in Italy, I had greater responsibilities, which weighed more. Luckily, I found some wonderful insiders who made me feel immediately at home. And that speech also includes my fellow actors, as well as the director. I was welcomed as a family.

I guess you got along well with the colleagues you interacted with the most on set, right?

Absolutely. With Carla Campra, who plays Daniela Stabile, I had a great time. As well as with the members of the Olmedo clan.

Daniela is Italian, as is Roger. Will we also see dialogues in our language between them, despite being the Spanish soap?

Yes, we will say a little something in Italian, because she was born in Sorrento and therefore there is something that brings her back to our country. It was certainly easy for me to speak in Italian, unlike Carla, who is still Spanish. We therefore helped each other, giving each other notions about the language.

Where does your passion for Spain come from?

As for my training, I can tell you that I have lived in Rome for three years. I was about 22 and went to Chubbuck Academy. And even then I had a passion for Spain. Anyway, after the experience in London, I returned to Rome and started working. When I finished on the set of Only 2, the series with Marco Bocci, I therefore thought about what I could do. At that time, I remember that the first Netflix Spain productions were starting to move and I was intrigued. Since I had finished the job in Italy, I therefore decided to go to Madrid, where I went after only three days with the idea of ​​staying there for at least a month. It wasn’t easy, since I didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak Spanish. But I was lucky because I met some beautiful people who referred me. I found an agency that believed in me and I took several auditions. And that’s where it all started.

And when did the love of acting arrive?

It has always been inside of me. I was very small. I loved watching the films of Totò, by Alberto Sordi. I bought the videotapes that came out punctually on newsstands along with the magazines. I tried to learn and memorize the scenes and then repeat them in the evening in front of my parents and my sister. However, I was in Calabria and it wasn’t very easy because there were no suitable schools. I therefore limited myself to performances at school or in church. Following the scientific maturity, I moved because I had decided to be an actor and I started studying. In fact, in Rome I attended the Duse and the Action Theater. I then moved to London, as I told you, and I had several sowings “.

Yours is definitely a job in which you have to keep fit and constantly update …

Well yes, just as there is a gym to keep your body fit, there is also a gym to stay trained in acting.

What do you like most about this job?

I like the fact that I can detach myself from real life to interpret someone else, that is to experience emotions and sensations that I, Francesco, would never experience. Also, to be an actor you have to be a little crazy. And actually, if you think about it, I could never experience what Roger will do, also because I live in a completely different age than his.

You have taken part in several films and fiction. Which ones have remained most in your heart?

The work that has given me so much is an international one: the film All the money in the world by Ridley Scott. It was really something strong, because I found myself alongside movie giants like Kevin Spacey and Michelle Williams. It was a huge experience and what struck me most was the simplicity of the actors and the director himself. And this doesn’t always happen, not even in Italy. Among other things, I was a bit ‘in awe interacting with Spacey, who is an actor that I respect a lot and who has a unique greatness. I also remember the director’s greeting: while I was scared, he slapped me on the back and asked me how I was. And everything went well from there.

We have already mentioned your role in Il Paradiso delle Signore …

Yes, my character was connected to the Amato family. He was certainly a different boy from Roger; he had criminal traits and interacted with Giuseppe (Nicola Rignanese). I played a young man who helped the Beloved to reconnect with his children and who then had to flee back to Germany.

Do you have any professional dreams in the drawer? An actor or director you would like to work with?

If I think of the international side, I would love to work with a female director. I could tell you Angelina Jolie. Also, I would like to take part in a nice Spanish project. I love Spain, the energy and the charge it gives me. I’m really fine here. I can tell you that, at the moment, things are also happening in Italy. I therefore have among my goals to create a bridge between Rome and Madrid. Then I’ll tell you another thing: I’m from Cirò Marina, a town in Calabria in the province of Crotone. There I manage a bathing establishment with my family, which is why in the summer I try to stay at home with my family, my land.

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