Serie A2 – Third win in a row for Givova Scafati against an excellent Capo d’Orlando

The people of Messina closed the first quarter ahead and then suffered the return of the Campanians who confirmed their first place in the red group ahead of Verona.

Serie A2 - Third win in a row for Givova Scafati against an excellent Capo d'Orlando

CAPO D’ORLANDO – He put his heart there. In Capo d’Orlando, however, it was not enough to stem the offensive of a Scafati who, in difficulty in the first quarter, then got back into motion as she knows how to do from the second onwards and widened the moat in the second part of the race by imposing herself for 76-67. The Campanians are fully confirmed in first place in the red group in front of Verona, the people of Messina fail to confirm the victory against the Blue Star and will face the final challenge with the Ristopro Fabriano before diving into the playout where Nardò or the Blue Star Rome await them. . Excellent performance for King, Mack and Ellis among the Sicilians, Daniel, Monaldi and Clarke in evidence among the Campania.

FIRST FOUR – Capo d’Orlando, fresh from the victory against the Stella Azzurra and with David Sussi on the bench in place of the exonerated Marco Cardani, starts better and goes to 8-3 after four minutes of play. Scafati wants to give himself the trio after the victories with Pistoia and Cantù. Mack brings the hosts on plus seven. Scafati gets closer with a lightning 5-0 resuming the game. Daniels in tapin corrects a mistake by Cucci and brings the bells to a draw. Poser brings back the Orlandina of a possession using an assist from the former Bergamo Vecerina. Exciting game that does not decide to have a master. Daniels gets fouled by Mack and goes to the charity line by putting one out of two. Scafati returns to just one point away: 12-11 four minutes from the end of the first quarter. King goes to the basket and earns the additional free but fails. Capo d’Orlando still remains on the plus three and then goes with a triple to 17-11. Coach Alessandro Rossi, seeing the Messina’s important escape attempt, calls the timeout one and a half minutes from the end of the first quarter. Bartoli and Reggiani do not understand each other, Rossato wedges himself and brings the Gialloblù closer together. Parravicini fails a triple from the corner for the possible scafatese rapprochement. Ellis puts two out of two from the line. Bartoli, from the line of charity, makes one out of two. The hosts close the first quarter ahead 20-13. No awe for a Capo d’Orlando sure of his means, Scafati struggles to have his usual pace.

SECOND FOURTH – Cucci is fouled by Diouf and goes to the line making both free throws: 20-15 after fifteen seconds of play. The Campanians seem to have started the fourth better and are on minus three. Bartoli gives Orlandina the first quarter points and it’s 22-17. King widens the gap in favor of the Messina who take the maximum advantage of more seven. Poser puts a free throw on two from the line and Capo d’Orlando stays at high altitude, Daniels responds immediately from below. Crushed imperious and the Sicilians continue to lay down the law. Rossi calls a new conciliabolo with his team to try to stem the escape of the hosts: 27-19 exactly in the middle of the quarter. The former Ge.Vi Napoli Monaldi drops a triple that brings Scafati to minus five. Daniels dunks and the Campans get closer to minus three, reopening the game: 27-24 three and a half minutes from the long break. Clarke puts in two free throws from the line and Scafati is one less. Very vibrant game with the two teams that do not lose sight of each other. Daniels already runs into the third foul and Rossi, as a precaution, takes him out of the fray. Poser, with a tapin, brings Capo d’Orlando to plus three. Rossato makes two out of two from the line and Scafati returns to minus one. The former Udine Mobio is produced in two dunks in a row and Scafati moves forward for the first time at the long interval at 32-29. Orlandina of good workmanship but naive in the final part of the second quarter.

THIRD FOURTH – Mack immediately crushes and brings the hosts back to minus one, he is the first player of the evening to go in double figures, Scafati immediately responds by taking the 35-31 in favor. Ellis reports under the Orlandina. Mack is fouled by the former on duty Mobio and goes to the line putting one out of two. Ellis commits a foul on Monaldi and sends him to the bezel. One out of two and Campania remain in possession of an advantage. Mack, in turn, puts one free throw out of two. Capo d’Orlando returns only one point late and the game remains more uncertain than ever. Clarke keeps Scafati three points ahead of Scafati with the bomb of 37-40. Cucci puts two out of two from the line and the guests take the plus five. Capo d’Orlando seems to have exhausted a bit the realization vein of the previous quarters. Mack, with a triple, brings the Messina people closer together but Scafati, with Cucci, goes back to the plus point of six. Mack gives himself the second bomb in a row. The Campanians try to escape but the hosts fight it off. Technical foul whistled on the bench in Scafati as evidence of the tension that reigns in the match. Ellis achieves its free throw: 44-46 in the quarter. Bartoli brings the Messina back in a draw at 46 and the game reopens, but Cucci responds immediately. Ikangi churns out another triple and Scafati goes to plus five: 46-51 two minutes from the end of the third quarter. Reggiani serves Diouf who, from below, brings Capo d’Orlando back to minus one. Always very open game with a Sicilian team that does not let the guests escape. A three-man game brings the Messina players back in a draw at 51. Monaldi hits two free throws and brings Scafati still two points ahead. Reggiani, from the line, brings parity back to 53. The guests get back up with a triple. The third quarter sees the Campania players ahead 56-53.

LAST FOURTH – Daniels sinks the blade after fifteen seconds. Ambrosin, with a triple, sends Scafati into the open sea: 53-61 after a minute. Givova is irrepressible and Monaldi, from the corner, churns out another bomb. Coach Sussi calls the timeout with the Gialloblù ahead of eleven points in maximum advantage. Ellis tries to bring Capo d’Orlando back together. Reggiani falls badly and suffers an ankle injury, the player is carried off the pitch with his arms to the applause of the audience. Bartoli goes to the basket trying to bring the people of Messina together. Monaldi brings Scafati back to the most eleven: 57-68 at 3 ‘. A triple from Rossato brings Scafati to the plus of fourteen. Sussi calls the timeout. The former Bergamo Vecerina is fouled and goes to the line putting one out of two. The two teams appear tired and the achievement percentages drop. Clarke takes Scafati on plus sixteen. Ellis tries to limit Orlandina’s passive, by now Scafati has the game in hand with a 62-76 one and a half minutes from the end of the game. Bartoli puts a free throw on two trying to assert the pride of the Messina. King, on the counterattack, scores the goal of the Sicilian minus eleven, then crushes at the edge of the siren. Scafati imposes itself for 76-67 and guarantees the third victory in a row in three races. For Capo d’Orlando there are the playouts.


INFODRIVE CAPO D’ORLANDO: Mack 18, Ellis 12, King 12, Poser 11, Bartoli 8, Diouf 3, Reggiani 2, Vecerina 1, Laganà, Teirumnieks, Telesca, Tintori. Coach: David Sussi.

Free throws: 14 of 21, rebounds 38 (King, Poser 8), assists 19 (Ellis 7)

GIVOVA SCAFATI: Monaldi 19, Daniel 14, Clarke 13, Cucci 9, Rossato 7, Mobio 6, Ikangi 5, Ambrosin 3, Parravicini. Ne: Grimaldi. Coach: Alessandro Rossi.

Free throws: 16 on 20, rebounds 43 (Daniel 12), assists 23 (Clarke 9).

Daniel in double double


Andrea Masi from Florence, Gianluca Gagliardi from Anagni (FR) and Marco Marzulli from Pisa.

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