79 – 66 (28-15; 48-31; 66-52)


Battilani 6, Balducci 6, Selvatici, Procaccio 12, Tapia 10, Morara, Cinti 4, Pederzoli 9, Ranieri 20, David, Degli Esposti Castori 8, Dordei 4 Mondini, deputy Catrambone


Bianchi 6, Folli 9, Giuliani 15, De Gregori 13, Spampinato 6, Errera 4, Biello 3, Baveri, Bianchini 2, Almeoni 8 Cavicchi, deputy Gatti

With the return to success and the mathematical certainty of a place in the playoff grid, the Net Service returns full of enthusiasm within the friendly walls of the Alutto Gym to face Francesco Francia Zola Pedrosa, in the recovery of the third return match, penultimate match of the season regular.

Coach Cavicchi’s team has recovered from two defeats in a row, the first measured on the field of Forlimpopoli and the last heavy at home against Reggio Emilia, while the most recent positive result dates back to the home match dominated against Molinella. At the moment Francesco Francia occupies the ninth position in the standings: the playoff chances are reduced to the bone, there is still a faint glimmer of hope, but in the event of a defeat in this challenge the Zolese will be forced to play the playout in order not to relegate. , together with Montecchio and Olimpia Castello.

Balducci and his companions, on the other hand, regained confidence thanks to the precious victory in the direct clash against Ferrara ( and I am in the midst of the race for the first four places, which would guarantee the home factor: a victory today could mean a decisive leap forward to improve one’s ranking in view of the last day, considering the many teams contained in a few points and the risk of an unfavorable unfavorable ranking. However, there is also some bad news regarding the SG infirmary: in addition to Zinelli, coach Mondini will also have to do without the owner Tosini, who injured his hand in Sunday’s match.

The first leg match had led to a painful defeat for Net Service, the third in the top three, with Francesco Francia winning with the final score of 80-72.


It is a sparkling start, characterized by high rhythms, a lot of speed and quick shots: Spampinato opens the scoring immediately with a triple, Cinti respond from the average and Battilani with two notable dunks, then Folli strikes again from the arc (8-8 after 3 ‘ ). The guests go on with Almeoni and Errera, but from here until the end of the fourth they will no longer find baskets from the field: Pederzoli scores six points in an amen, Tapia throws his team with a bomb on the counterattack and Procaccio imitates his partner, making a lightning strike. partial of 18-1 and an advantage already in double figures on 26-13. Finally again Tapia on an assist from Dordei closes the first period with the support of 28-15.

We continue along the lines of the first 10 ‘, it is always the SG who plays the game: Dordei finds the bottom of the retina and then, in an assist-man version, serves Ranieri, who first leans two of them to the glass and then sets up his own , scoring seven points in a row. Giuliani with the long-range center tries to keep the guests alive, shortening the gap to 37-22 after 15 ‘, but a little later Degli Esposte re-establishes the distance with a triple and two free throws (42-24). At this juncture the hosts make a big rebound (23-14 the count in the first 20 ‘) and conquer many second chances, exploited in particular by Pederzoli, while at the end of the first half the baskets of three arrive before Degli Exposed and then by De Gregori, who fix the partial score at 48-31.

At the resumption, the men of coach Cavicchi look for the reaction: Francesco Francia raises the defensive intensity and puts much more pressure, while in attack tries to recover the disadvantage by finding the basket with regularity; Tapia tries to stop the guest comeback with a triple, but Giuliani signs five yarn points and induces coach Mondini to timeout in the middle of the third period (57-44). De Gregori still approaches him, Balducci serves a spectacular assist to Ranieri who supports the 63-46, Giuliani continues to score, but it is still captain Balducci who becomes the protagonist with a great play and the unloading in the corner for the Procaccio bomb. The SG maintains a reassuring margin in view of the last quarter: after 30 ‘it is 66-52.

Giuliani’s three free throws open the fourth period, Ranieri puts in two more (70-55), then in the following minutes the biancoblu defense rises in tone and the too much haste to recover makes Francesco Francia commit many mistakes, who sees the Net Service take offshore thanks to the baskets of Procaccio and Balducci and the free men of Cinti. Little energy remains and the hopes of reopening the match are now residual, Almeoni tries anyway, followed by De Gregori and Folli, but it is too late and the challenge ends with the icing on the cake: triple from Ranieri at the end which fixes the final result on 79-66.


Another victory arrives, the second in a row after that of Ferrara, to restore continuity and safety at SG home in view of the last day and the start of the playoffs: a convincing proof with the result almost never in question.

A high-level first half allowed Mondini’s team to build up a double-digit advantage that they could manage, maintained throughout the arc thanks to offensive mechanisms that work well and produce many favorable situations. In the second half there was some understandable empty pass and some too many inattention, but the fundamental factor is that the team did not disunite even when the opponents put more pressure and especially in the moment of difficulty at the beginning of the fourth period: the biancoblu have been good at keeping their distance, responding blow for blow to the attempts of the guests to get back into the game.

Another particularly positive note is the fact that all the boys have had space during the game, from the most experienced to the youngest, a symbol of the excellent work that is taking place in society.


Having thus reached the last round of the regular season, the Net Service will be the protagonist away, guest of the Molinella Basketball, for the recovery of the fourth day of the second round. Molinella comes from the defeat in Reggio Emilia and is currently in eighth place, now certain of participation in the playoffs.

Appointment set at 21 hours from Saturday 23 April at Sports Hall of Viale della Libertà 21, Molinella (BO).

The first leg match had seen triumph, thus finding his first success in the league, the SG Fortitudo with a score of 86-81.


Moving on to the classification, the SG gains important positions and overtakes the direct competitors until reaching third place, on equal points but still ahead of Castelnovo, by virtue of the favorable goal difference in head-to-head matches. Zola, on the other hand, remaining third from last and also being reached by Montecchio at 10 points, is mathematically condemned to the playout in the company of Montecchio and Olimpia Castello:

Virtus Imola 34 (17v-2p), Basket 2000 Reggio Emilia 24 (12v-6p), NET SERVICE SG FORTITUDO 22 (11V-8P), LG Castelnovo 22 (11v-8p), Pall. 2014 Fulgor Fidenza 20 (10v-10p), Baskers Forlimpopoli 20 (10v-9p), Basket 2018 Ferrara 20 (10v-9p), Pallacanestro Molinella 16 (8v-10p), Francesco Francia Pall. Zola Pedrosa 10 (5v-13p), Pol. Arena Montecchio 10 (5v-13-p), Olimpia Castello 6 (3v-14p).

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