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Rebellion gave us the opportunity to play an entire mission of the new chapter of its shooter series: we tried Sniper Elite 5 and here are our impressions

Coming exactly in a month on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the new chapter in the shooter series of Rebellion will once again put us in the shoes of the infallible sniper Karl Fairburne, charged with reaching the French front of the Second World War and thwarting Operation Kraken: a plan thanks to which the Nazi army could put an end to the conflict before the arrival of the Allies in Europe.

Thanks to the English development team we were able to try our hand at an entire campaign mission, the second, set near the fictional Chateau De Berengar: an ancient residence that the ruthless German officer Abelard Moller has used as headquarters. Somewhere within its walls are important documents hidden and our goal will be to make our way to them.

How was our experience? We tell you everything in the tried out of Sniper Elite 5.


Sniper Elite 5, Karl Fairburne aims the rifle
Sniper Elite 5, Karl Fairburne aims the rifle

Introduced by the inevitable cutscene sequence, the second mission of Sniper Elite 5 sees Karl Fairburne in the company of a woman who plays in the ranks of the French resistance, and who leads him near the castle that Moller has transformed into a real stronghold. The Nazi officer and his collaborators are no longer present inside the structure, which however hides secrets that we will have the task of discovering.

After meeting some other members of the resistance, the introductory phase of the mission appears very similar to what is described in the Sniper Elite 4 review, with the protagonist who can interact with different characters to unlock any extra objectives and organize his equipment before entering the map , again set as one open scenario and freely explorable.

The location is revealed as we explore it, which certainly encourages theexploration looking for any points of interest initially hidden from view. A certain contribution also contributes to this shortage of ammunition, which at least during our test forced us to go far and wide in search of bullets; in particular for the sniper rifle, without which it would have been difficult to complete the mission.

The area of ​​the castle is constantly highlighted and it is impossible to get lost, but the complex is large and well guarded, with several possible entrance routes and guards who ensure that no one enters it. As per tradition, we will be able to choose whether to proceed with an approach stealthmasking the noise of the shots with the usual internal combustion engines, using the silenced pistol from a short distance, or throwing ourselves with our heads down, aware that it will be difficult to get it right.

Sniper Elite 5, the protagonist moves the corpse of an enemy soldier
Sniper Elite 5, the protagonist moves the corpse of an enemy soldier

Finally entered the imposing building, we will find ourselves silently exploring its rooms, eventually activating the focus mode to identify the objectives. To avoid arousing the attention of the troops we will have to eliminate the guards silently, then access the offices of Moller, reveal the secret room, collect the documents and flee towards the extraction area.

Remaining within the scope of what will be the contents of Sniper Elite 5, the demo showed nothing of the cooperative mode nor clearly the new invasion mechanics that we will find in the full version. Likewise, the refurbished upgrade system and weapon customization was barely mentioned: to find out in detail we will have to wait for the release of the game, set for 26 May.


Sniper Elite 5, crouching behind cover is essential to avoid being discovered
Sniper Elite 5, crouching behind cover is essential to avoid being discovered

Side gameplayRebellion tried to insert some novelties mostly related to the movements of the character, for example the possibility to climb on a greater number of surfaces than in the past, to slide along the ziplines to move quickly from one point of the scenario to another and to use those mechanics to land silent kills.

According to what we have seen, however, the basic implant remains basically the same and still suffers from big problems during very close clashes, when an opponent arrives a few meters from Karl and you experience the usual feeling of helplessness due to the extreme precariousness of the aiming system, which was not designed for these situations nor has been improved because it is may adapt in some way.

Sniper Elite 5 introduces the use of ziplines to move around certain points on the map
Sniper Elite 5 introduces the use of ziplines to move around certain points on the map

In the distance shots, however, Sniper Elite 5 is confirmed solid and convincing, showing off some new X-ray Kill Cams that spectacularize the painful impact of our bullets on the bodies of enemy soldiers, breaking bones and pulping internal organs along the way. From this point of view, the new chapter will consolidate itself as a reference point for the precision shooter genre, but without revolutionizing in any way the formula we already knew.

A very similar argument can be made regarding theartificial intelligencewhich is typically the “careless” one of action stealth and it could not be otherwise: facing troops who remain on permanent alert to discover a corpse would only imply a lot of frustration and a trial & error style approach that luckily we are spared.

Graphics and sound

Sniper Elite 5, one of the game's spectacular X-ray Kill Cams
Sniper Elite 5, one of the game’s spectacular X-ray Kill Cams

We come then to the technical sector, which unfortunately does not make a miracle cry. Sniper Elite 5 will mark the debut of the series on next-generation consoles and improvements regarding the graphics appear evident, but there is still a couple of abundant steps below the most famous productions, especially as regards the animations.

The scenarios they were also made using photogrammetry and the general level of detail is excellent, although there are some rather generic elements to populate the map. That said, the castle that plays the starring role in the second mission is very fascinating and we hope that the other settings can boast a similar level of characterization as well.

Sniper Elite 5, a firefight between the walls of a cathedral
Sniper Elite 5, a firefight between the walls of a cathedral

The version we tried (streaming) was the PC version, but we expect to find the 60 fps also on PS5 And Xbox Series X | Sgiven the great impact that the greater fluidity of the frame rate has on the precision of the movements and on the enjoyment of the gameplay in general.

As for the soundthe now classic musical themes of the series are reaffirmed in the new chapter but the Italian users will apparently be greeted by a bitter surprise: unlike the previous episodes, Sniper Elite 5 it will not include an Italian dubbing and, while understanding the economic reasons behind this choice, we can only be disappointed in this regard.

Sniper Elite 5 aims to deliver an experience fundamentally similar to that of the previous episodes, albeit with some news on the content front (the cooperative, the PvP) that, however, we have not yet seen in action. The gameplay once again appears solid and satisfying when organizing to place shots from a distance, but hesitates as soon as the game is asked to behave like a traditional third-person shooter: old problems that Rebellion has not yet remedied, and which do the pair with a technical realization far from the most famous productions.


  • The new settings are promising
  • We are curious to try some features
  • Free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers


  • Close-up gunplay still very problematic
  • The formula is the same as always, with few innovations
  • Technically only fair, no dubbing in Italian

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