SUPERENALOTTO LOTTO 10ELOTTO: WINNING NUMBERS / Extractions April 14, 2022: what bonus?


In the Superenalotto draw on Thursday 14 April 2022 there have not yet been winners for the jackpot with 6 but there has been a winner with a rich 5 + 1, with € 321,000 603.36 in payout. In 2 they won with 7 points on the ticket, taking home 29 thousand 686.47 euros each, while in 1077 they won with 4 with an individual win of 196.43 euros.

34 thousand 855 people took home 18.27 euros each with the 3, finally the 2 were 466 thousand 409 and got a win of 5 euros each. The appointment with the Superenalotto is renewed for next Saturday, April 16, 2022, with the hunt for the jackpot that is involving an ever-increasing number of bettors, with the winnings reaching over 188 million euros for those who should win with the lucky 6. (adj. by Fabio Belli)


For those who bet on the Superstar number in the Superenalotto draw no winners were registered for the first and second category super bonuses, with the 6 Star and 5 + 1 Star not having registered winners. It should be noted that even with the 5 Star no one has won while there have been 5 winners with the 4 Star, with a 4 in the Superenalotto ticket plus the centered Superstar number, who have obtained a win of 19 thousand 643 euros each.

To win were 180 with the 3 Star with 1827 euros of winnings for each, while 1873 winners got 100 euros each with the 2 Star. Finally, the winners with the 1 Star were 11 thousand 064 with 10 euros of individual winnings and 5 euros each were won by the 23 thousand 437 who obtained the 0 Star, without winning numbers from Superenalotto but with the right Superstar. (adj. by Fabio Belli)


After giving the floor to the winning numbers of the Superenalottothe time has come to discover those of Lot And 10eLotto. The wait is over, curiosity is skyrocketing, also because these are games that can really give you great satisfactions. Those who still doubted it realized it when they saw the odds of the last competition. The luck, therefore, is ready to kiss new lucky ones, to change the lives of other players. You could do it a great lottery game, just to give an example … So, we don’t want to hold you back longer than you should, but leave you to this solemn moment that can then turn into a party if you win.

This is obviously what we want, but there is only one way to find out: to control your plays with extreme concentration. Who knows if this is the evening that can change your life, but it is a doubt that you are about to remove right now. Good luck then with Lot, 10eLotto And Superenalotto! (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)


Extraction 10eLotto n ° 45 of 14/04/2022

6 – 8 – 12 – 22 – 25 – 32 – 41 – 42 – 48 – 49 – 54 – 61 – 64 – 70 – 71 – 72 – 78 – 83 – 87 – 89

Gold Number (first extracted on the wheel of Bari): 54

Double Gold (first and second extract on the Bari wheel): 54 – 72

Extra: 5 – 14 – 17 – 26 – 43 – 50 – 53 – 55 – 56 – 58 – 62 – 74 – 75 – 80 – 85

(The winning numbers of the Lotto and 10eLotto competitions are published on the official website of the State monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in transmitting the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the monopolies website and / or in the betting shops)

Lot, draw n ° 45 of 14/04/2022
BARI 54 72 12 85 58
CAGLIARI 83 61 41 53 55
FLORENCE 87 48 54 49 64
GENOA 25 42 75 62 43
MILAN 6 64 8 61 26
NAPLES 71 70 50 54 17
PALERMO 12 41 54 72 80
ROME 89 32 80 8 75
TURIN 22 49 41 5 64
VENICE 78 8 56 74 14
NATIONAL 50 54 56 78 30

(The winning numbers of the Lotto and 10eLotto competitions are published on the official website of the State monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in transmitting the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the monopolies website and / or in the betting shops)


Extractions of Lot, Superenalotto And 10eLotto, but now is the time to find out if the awesome Jackpot can finally be awarded. In fact, the winning numbers of the Superenalotto have come out, so you have to stop everything you were doing, also because it is a moment that could mark an important turning point in your life. We do not exaggerate when we say that then nothing could be the same as before. Also for this contest after contest, we urge you to approach the verification of your bets with the utmost attention and precision, because even the slightest distraction could be fatal, especially if you are not in the habit of checking your bets several times, also relying on the channels. officers, as well as to your trusted betting shop.

It may seem superfluous, but nothing should be left to chance when it comes to Superenalotto. Here are the winning numbers waiting to discover those of Lotto and 10eLotto. (Agg. By Silvana Palazzo)

Last draw Superenalotto n. 45 of 04/14/2022

Winning combination
38 50 8 55 22 5

Jolly number


(The winning numbers of the Superenalotto competition are published on the official website of the State monopolies we decline all responsibility for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers, and we invite you to check directly on the site of monopolies and / or in betting shops)


The appointment with the Lotto, Superenalotto and 10eLotto extractions in this new Sisal competition n. 45/2022 today, Thursday 14 April 2022. We are waiting to know the winning numbers, so to find out if this evening can really be very lucky. In the meantime, we can take a look at what happened during the previous Lotto competition. For example, the latest Lotto competition awarded theEmilia Romagna, because three winnings were recorded for a total of over 34 thousand euros. TO Riccione there were three both and a lottery that awarded a player with € 14,250. TO Fiorenzuola D’Arda, in the province of Piacenza, 9,250 euros were won with three both and one three on the Milan wheel. To party too Carpinone, in the province of Isernia, thanks to a win on the Palermo Lotto wheel which earned a 25 thousand euro prize. A little less a San Benedetto del Trontoin the province of Ascoli Piceno: there were won € 22,500 with a dry spin on the wheel of the Lotto di Roma. Agipronews report a win a Genoa, where six both, four terni and one quatern on the National Lotto wheel led to a win of almost 14 thousand euros. Therefore, the latest Lotto draw distributed 4.8 million euros, so a total of 284 million is reached from the beginning of the year.

From the shares of the Lotto to those of the 10eLotto, which awarded Puglia. The latest drawing awarded around 120 thousand euros. The highest payout at 10eLotto is a Martina Francain the province of Taranto, with a 9 Double Gold of 100 thousand euros, followed by a 9 of 20,001 euros a Modugnoin the province of Bari. Party also in Abruzzo with a € 20,000 9 made in Teramoinstead 15 thousand euros go to Martinsicuroin the province of Teramo, thanks to a 6 Double Gold. Agipronews reports another 9 for 20 thousand euros centered on Ventimiglia (Imperia). Therefore, the last contest of 10eLotto distributed prizes for 27.6 million euros, thus reaching a billion for the total from the beginning of the year.


After the Lotto. now it’s time to analyze the quotas of the Superenalotto waiting for the new one extraction. There was no 6, which is why the Jackpot soars to € 188 million. But there were still some important wins. Just think of the 5 that were hit: the seven lucky winners took home € 30,263.51 each. Also worth noting is the 4 star worth 31,892 euros for each of the five lucky ones. Let’s move on to the ‘minor’ shares. The 3 star donated € 2,607 to the owners of the 133 lucky coupons. There are 676 for the 4 which is worth € 318.92 for each lucky winner. They go 100 euros to the 2 stars that count 2,187 lucky tickets. There are 24,907 coupons of the 3 which has rewarded with 26.07 euros. It drops to 10 euros for 1 star, with 15,399 winning tickets. We arrive at 362.855 for the 2 with which 5.56 euros were won, finally 5 euros for each of the 36.732 winning tickets for the 0 star.


The Jackpot of the Superenalotto fly high, no less are our dreams of glory that often go hand in hand on how to spend any winnings. It is natural, instinctive, because in this way one has the possibility to realize one’s desires. But you don’t have to think big only, you can also think about allocating a small part to finance an innovative project, such as one of those found on Kickstarter. Consider, for example, Kitten Beans Coffee, a coffee company that defines itself as “the prettiest in the world”. The goal is to serve premium quality gourmet coffee at an affordable price. What is the difference between the others? Part of the profits are donated to animal shelters. This is why all merchandising reflects the plan of this company. On the labels, for example, some four-legged dogs appear that have been adopted. Kitten Beans Coffee also makes a commitment to update customers on the specific organization or animal they helped save.


What to do if you want to play Lot, 10eLotto and / or Superenalotto but you don’t know which numbers to bet on? Let yourself be inspired by current events, but rely on Neapolitan grimace, which with its interpretations can give you important support. So let’s start with Easter which is upon us and will see 14 million Italians traveling. You could choose the 9th, ‘a litter, the offspring, since it is a party to be spent with the family. Also wanting 14, ‘or drunk, if you have a relative who on these occasions risks raising his elbow too much. 19 instead is the number of laughter, the one that comes spontaneously on these meeting occasions. And clearly it can’t be missing 20, ‘a festa. 33, ll’anne ‘e Cristo should not be missing either, since we are talking about Easter, as well as 74, the grotto. On the other hand, 45, ‘or good wine, always refers to the set table, which has its own number, 82. But on the table there is not even the 5 ‘,’ or bread.


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