The C68where the C recalls and takes up four words that distinguish the brand in the world: Colnago, Carbonio, Cambiago, Classe. The myth was born in Cambiagohistorical seat of the brand and exclusive source of innovation and quality. Carbonthe material on which the founder Ernesto Colnago he bet everything. Class, this Colnago with a capital C is a product of the highest quality and brings in an innate class. 68 is the number that represents the history of Colnago from ’68 to today. We went to the company for the presentation of the new C68, but there’s more, we have already tested it for you.

C68 and V3Rs, only top-of-the-range products

C68 is the classic that satisfies and conquers, it is the model that encapsulates the tradition and beauty of Italian design in a new and exclusive form, finally, C68 is the driving experience that most customers would like to have. Putting aside the V model, the monocoque that wins the Tour de France, the common cyclist today wants a vehicle that accompanies him with excellent technical requirements in an immersive experience every time he can go out for a ride. As he immediately reminds us Davide Fumagalli, R&D Manager, the new C68 is a fully customizable model and all this happens thanks to a new construction process that gives life to a modular structure. Davide tells more and confirms that C will be a platform that will see the birth of an allroad, a gravel and a cyclocross bike. The project will have a design that will unite everything, with obvious differences but always top of the range.

Fewer sizes, but the blanket is always longer

Now the sizes are 7 and no longer 15 as in the past, even if now the system promises endless solutions. In addition, as expected, everything in this project was created to complete the concept of integration that has become a must in recent years. In this sense, however, as you will see later, Colnago also launches the new CC.01 handlebar available in 16 combinations, an integrated handlebar that uses the experience of the professional team to improve the work of the mechanics who do maintenance. The steering bearings are CeramicSpeed ​​SLT, guaranteed for life. In this sense, maintenance is completely canceled with results guaranteed by the mechanics of the WorldTour team.

If you want it made to measure you just have to sit down

Let’s go back to the frame, now composed of the same number of parts as the previous previous C series but completely without monobloc joints. Every single piece sticks to the others and customizations are very simple. In this case, those who want to plan everything and choose custom sizes will have to choose the C68 HTBK in which two 3D printed titanium pieces are inserted. One goes onto the top tube and engages the head tube and the other joins the top tube to the seat tube. The stamped titanium has a spectacular finish and is painted glossy to play in contrast to the other kind of black that covers the carbon. The idea of ​​these molded pieces is thanks to Colnago, pieces produced in collaboration with a well-known Lombard company that produces medical prostheses. Absolute precision and quality, don’t expect anything different. The model with titanium joints lost only 10 grams more, crumbs! Those who want a little more stack can now be easily satisfied …

Super frame and fork… then there are the CeramicSpeed ​​bearings

As usual, the secret of the carbon blend used remains, a Colnago exclusive that ensures this model the correct values ​​of stiffness and flexibility where it is needed. The scheme is classic and the wide rear triangle (no reinforcement headband) has a very specific role in supporting the ride. The tire clearance is ample (the 30c is assured, but there is also a 32c) and the bottom bracket area is of impressive stability (T47 bearings developed by Chriss King). The bike in this area has a great strength that makes you want to push more and more even if the passion for Colnago is only one: offer you a first-class experience. The seat holder is the same as the V3Rs, reliable and beautiful. The frame in size 51s weighs approximately 930 grams, a weight to which the approximately 390 g of the fork, also made entirely in Cambiago, must be added.

A unique, aero and comfortable handlebar

As previously mentioned, the new CC.01 handlebar offers maximum integration and is a completely made in Colnago project. In this area we find a nice surprise that concerns both versions of the C68 (the custom-made one with titanium pieces and the traditional one), that is a practical multitool inserted in the head tube, a retractable solution that makes the head tube even more rigid since this tool is inserted in an aluminum tube. The handlebar is totally monocoque, a precious, aerodynamic and comfortable piecein fact, it always offers a 2cm flare between high grip and wider mass grip. Its weight is 310 grams in size 110-410.

Blockchain technology, the passport is ready

What can I say, the ambitions for Colnago have always been clear, to innovate, innovate and innovate again. The C68 project also brings this novelty as a dowry, a technology that inextricably links the bike to its history and its owner. At the time of purchase, the customer will have a Colnago Smart card and then through an NFC tag secured to the bike on the down tube just below the bottle cage and the Colnago app, the passport will come to life making the bike, especially the customized ones, even more unique. On this virtual memory everything will be noted, type of assembly, size, all remembered in detail to offer a complete history of the product, including maintenance. Even any changes of hands will be reported, an absolute guarantee in case of sale of the product, especially to prove its authenticity. This system, given the size of the product, is very important and will be a further added value to the bike.

A modern, fast and comfortable bike

As for the complete test of the C68 we can only say that it is ready and you will read it in the next few days. What fascinated me about the C68? First of all its speed, its flicker, but all done with a naturalness that makes you enjoy every single pedal stroke. Excellent frame, excellent fork, when driven it is fluid, predictable and solid, very different from the V3Rs but satisfying from every point of view. The painting is pure spectacle, the traditional C68 is available in a blue variant (a specific Colnago color), red / black and white / black, while the C68 HTBK will only be black. The fittings can be found below, obviously only top of the range are included. Dear nostalgics, the news is there for you too, it will also be produced in a rim version. An allroad will come for the future (view in the prototype phase) and a gravel, all closely related to this C68 Road. Colnago will thus cover every possible user, from competitions with the V3Rs to a gravel ready for bikepacking! Finally, I recommend that you try the new configurator on the Colnago website, a simulator developed by the best company in the world. Here you can choose everything about your C68 and save the file, moreover, thanks to a QR code and a smartphone you can reproduce the bike next to you in full scale. Colnago has entered the future and does so with confident steps, as always.

C68 Carbon Frame kit 5,650.00

C68 Carbon / Titanium Frame kit 6,600.00

Color configuration surcharge € 1,200.00

Complete Bike – Road Carbon

C68 Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12v – Bora Ultra WTO 45 – € 15,770.00

C68 Shimano Dura Ace 12v – Shimano Dura Ace C50 – € 14,065.00

C68 Sram Red AXS Etap 12v – Zipp 303 Firecrest – € 13,260.00

Complete Bike – Road Carbon / Titanium

C68Ti Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12v – Bora Ultra WTO 45 – 16,780.00

C68Ti Shimano Dura Ace Di2 12v – Shimano Dura Ace C50 – € 15,225.00

C68Ti Sram Red AXS Etap 12v – Zipp 303 Firecrest – € 14,205.00


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