The City of Los Angeles, Didi Hirsch, Council Member Nithya Raman Officially Proclaim May as Mental Health Month and Honor Singer and Mental Health Champion Jhene Aiko, MTV and Advocates

LOS ANGELES, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Didi Hirschwhich houses the nation’s first suicide prevention center and one of the leading providers of mental health and crisis care for the whole person, together with the office of Council Member Nithya Raman, proclaimed the month of May as Mental Health Month is Health (MHIHM) in the City of Los Angeles. With this proclamation, Didi Hirsch announced a nationwide campaign for equity and parity in mental health, including MHIH 2022 Ambassadors such as Jhene Aiko, an outspoken and courageous advocate, and MTV Entertainment Group.

The pandemic, trauma, loss, and inequality have further impacted people’s mental well-being. In the past year alone, ten percent of Los Angeles residents thought about suicide and 13.9% experienced serious psychological distress. Moreover, an average of two Los Angeles County inhabitants die by suicide every day. This growing crisis is being felt across the country, especially among young people, as the country has seen a 15-year rise in mental health issues on college campuses. With 60% of adolescents and young people with depression unable to access care, the current risk is heightened and the need for available resources is magnified even more. Didi Hirsch is experiencing a 13% increase in calls, chats and texts, with an average of 136,000 received per year on the Suicide Prevention Center’s English/Spanish hotline, available 24/7. This proclamation is a significant step in raising awareness about mental health.

To deal with this growing crisis, the City of Los Angeles and mental health advocates, as well as Didi Hirschproclaimed may as sanity East Health Month – an action-oriented approach to National Mental Health Awareness Month as awareness of gaps in mental health and addictions care is at an all-time high. Over 25 years ago, Didi Hirsch started a movement to erase the “interpersonal stigma” of mental illness by launching the first national Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards, honoring those who have courageously shared their stories for others. Today, by Didi Hirsch A month-long campaign will draw attention to “structural stigma,” which experts say are more systemic laws, policies and practices that treat patients with mental illness as less important. Calls to Action to Advocate, Donate and Activate through 4 weekly themes of Health Heroes, Youth, Crisis Care and Whole-person Care, seek to ensure that all healthcare finally sees and treats the spirit and the body as inseparable and no child, family, or adult is left without access.

Didi Hirsch Mental Health Month 2022 Ambassadors include:

  • Jhene Aiko, six-time Grammy nominee and mental health advocate;

  • MTV Entertainment Group with a decades-long legacy of mental health work;

  • Adia FadaeiMental Health is Health Youth Ambassador, a 19-year-old mental health and suicide prevention advocate Los Angeles, California.

Throughout the month, Didi Hirsch will share powerful stories from this year’s Ambassadors, conduct highly engaging social media activations, and host curated opportunities to educate and activate individuals in advocacy.

“We are grateful to the City of Los Angeles for not stopping at raising awareness of mental health needs in our communities in May, but choosing to de-stigmatize the systems with its investments and this concrete message of hope and fairness,” said by Didi Hirsch CEO Jonathan Goldfinger, MD, MPH, FAAP. “As we celebrate 80 years of service, Didi Hirsch show the public what world-class mental health and suicide prevention services look like, especially for young people, healthcare professionals, BIPOC and other communities where discrimination and injustice limit access . With the support of City of Los AngelesWe are confident that this action-oriented campaign will help save and transform lives.”

“As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, I am keenly aware that mental health is health,” said Jhene Aiko, singer, mental health advocate and mental health ambassador. “I am honored to be recognized and grateful to Didi Hirschthe City of Los Angeles and board member Raman for creating a culture of positivity around mental health.”

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen mental health issues soar — largely due to the pandemic — affecting the lives of Angelenos, regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status.” , Council member Nithya Raman said. “I am so proud to be associated with Didi Hirschwho has been involved for a long time with the Los Angeles community, to proclaim May as Mental Health Month, and to ensure that anyone struggling with mental health issues receives the support and resources they need. »

“We greatly admire the rescue work of Didi Hirschand are honored to be recognized for our commitment to demystifying, de-stigmatizing and normalizing conversations about mental health, especially among today’s youth,” said Brianna Cayo Cotter, Senior Vice President of Social Impact, MTV Entertainment Group. “From harnessing the power of storytelling to convening a cross-sectoral sector of partners to create movements, we can drive transformative change to address mental health the same way we address physical health.”

“I’m hopeful for the nation’s youth in the midst of our mental health crisis as Didi Hirschmental health advocates and local elected officials are prioritizing eliminating the stigma of mental health and suicide,” said Adia Fadaei, by Didi Hirsch Youth mental health is an ambassador of health. “As a member of the nation’s First Mental Health Youth Action Forum, I strive to bring forward how to break down barriers to access, saving lives together, one student at a time.”

by Didi Hirsch The MHIHM campaign aims to spark social change and empower the public through advocacy, donations and social media participation. Click Advocacy will create a multi-demographic effort for mental health policy change. Easy-to-activate opportunities, including a How I Look/How I Feel social media challenge, will encourage participants to post the juxtaposition of their appearance with an image illustrating how they “really” feel on the inside. For Ask a Therapist, Didi Hirsch will invite one to two influencer therapists each week to answer questions on their Instagram account. In a daily “Just Checking on You” campaign, by Didi Hirsch Instagram followers can expect another influencer and VIP to check in to ask how they’re doing and feeling. The Power of Giving will educate the public that, as a collective, their contribution will have an impact, especially in our communities most vulnerable to recent trauma and long-standing inequality. The campaign will include data, real stories and vital statistics, highlighting the importance of treating mental health as equal to physical health.

Didi Hirsch recognizes supporters, including Bubble Skincare and Patterson’s Auto Team, for donating a portion of their profits by supporting by Didi Hirsch MHIHM. Additionally, SUR restaurant and lounge owners Nathalie and Guillermo Zapata make a donation in loving memory of their brilliant and dear friend Chris Huvane.

Today Didi Hirsch also builds on 80 years of impact by directing the growth of California’s 13 988 Crisis Centers toward a successful and equitable launch of 988. With $20 million of the Newsom administration, $14 million After just received from the Biden administration for the 13 Centers, plus $12 million of the federal government for Didi Hirsch developing its unique capability for Spanish speakers and chat and texting services that are disproportionately used by young people. New easy-to-remember three-digit number for mental health crisis care is live July 16, 2022. Recently, Didi Hirsch has partnered with Mantra Health to provide the best virtual mental health services and 24/7 on-demand support to students in need of immediate mental health, addiction or crisis care suicidal.

For the month of May, Didi Hirsch created a social media toolkit HERE to advocate, donate and join the Mental Health is Health movement. Didi Hirsch invites social media users to raise awareness of the cause with educational and inspirational content using #HowILookHowIFeel and tagging @Didi_Hirsch. Visit for weekly activations.

On Didi Hirsch:
Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services has been a national leader in holistic mental health and crisis care for 80 years. Its first suicide prevention center in the country operates several 24/7 English/Spanish hotlines, including the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which becomes 988 in July 2022the National Disaster Hotline for those emotionally hurt by natural or man-made disasters, a new line diverting LAPD 911 calls disproportionately connecting young Black and Latino men to care, as well than the Teen line and the LAUSD line. by Didi Hirsch highly specialized experts also offer outpatient therapy and medication management, crisis counseling and support groups for people with suicidal thoughts, attempts or loss, and suicide prevention training for students, teachers, clergy, police and first responders. Didi Hirsch serves nearly 160,000 children, adults and families each year in 10 facilities and more than 75 schools across Los Angeles and Orange counties. Learn more today at

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