the program of celebrations in and around Bologna

On April 25 he returns in attendance after two years. The celebrations for the anniversary of the Liberation of Monte Sole and Marzabotto, Pratello R’Esiste and many other events will occupy this important day for our history with meetings, insights, songs and music.

24 and 25 April in Monte Sole: celebrations for the anniversary of the Liberation

Two very long years have passed and (finally) in 2022 there is a program for the celebrations of the anniversary of the Liberation from the Nazi-Fascists. It starts already on Sunday 24 April with “I tell you about Marzabotto. Story of a child who survived” by Franco Leoni Lautizi, with concerts by La Para, Elisa Genghini, Indianizer, Espana Circo Este … and then with Scuola di Pace c ‘is the guided tour of the memorial sites. On April 25, itinerant workshops all day long, installations, exhibitions and refreshment points, but also the concert of the “Scariolanti” and the Banda Bignardi di Monzuno. And then again the music of: Rumba de Bodas, Marakatimba, Folkatomik … On April 25th there will be a free return shuttle service from Pian di Venola (FS underpass on the Reno river side) to Monte Sole from 10.00 to 20.00.

Here the whole program of the two days

April 25 2-2-2

Pratello R’Esiste: choirs, music and memory return to via del Pratello

Two years have passed but we are back in attendance only now. Finally, a very important day returns for the whole city in one of the most loved and lively streets from every point of view: even when it comes to not forgetting history. A taste of this year’s program? In the meantime we start on April 21st with “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Le Sgambate, duo di waders” (there are also others of events). On April 25th there will be the laying of the crown to the Fallen of Pratello, popular and partisan songs and then concerts and interventions. Music with Jamu, Irma Trigger, Break the silence !, Contest against all wars, Balotta Continua, Basement Boppers, Folkabbestia. Along the way there are banquets of associations and local realities, a table football tournament at the Mutenye and a trump tournament at the Barazzo.

Here the complete program of the Pratello R’Esiste

Poster 25 April-3

77th anniversary of the Liberation of Bologna and Italy: the program

The 77th anniversary of the Liberation of Bologna and Italy is celebrated on 21 and 25 April. The anniversary of the Liberation is a time of celebration, reflection and even celebration to make known and recall the moments that marked, after years of pain and destruction, the end of the war and fascism. From 21 to 25 April, the flags of the Partisan Brigades will be displayed from the windows of Palazzo d’Accursio. Look at the flags and banners on the History and Memory of Bologna site. The crowns will be placed in the places of the Resistance at the Cippi of the fallen partisans in the neighborhoods of the city, in the presence of authorities and students of the Bolognese territory. The official 2022 poster of the celebrations was created by Silva Queiroz Larissa, a student of the graphic design course at the Academy of Fine Arts selected by Professor Danilo Danisi as part of the Poster for the City project.

The Bologna program

April 25 in Anzola is dedicated to the partisan worker Anna Zucchini

This year the Municipal Administration and Anpi of Anzola, the Istituto Comprensivo De Amicis, with the collaboration of the Anzolese Cultural Center and Ca ‘Rossa, have undertaken to create a rich program of initiatives to celebrate the Liberation of Anzola and Italy. The Liberation Day will be dedicated to Anna Zucchini, a worker, partisan and feminist from Anzio, on the centenary of her birth. We made this choice to remember that the Resistance began well before the crucial years of the partisan struggle, in factories, in the countryside and in communities, with men and women who opposed oppression, abuse and violence, with boycott and sabotage actions. and contrast to the Nazi-fascist regime. Anna Zucchini, worker, was among the promoters of a strike at the Ducati, arrested and fired, she was then a relay and partisan. After the Liberation she was the protagonist of the struggles for women’s rights and leader of the UDI, the Italian Women’s Union. With Anna we therefore want to pay homage to the many who made possible the Liberation, the Constituent Assembly and the beginning of our democratic and republican history and then continued to engage in the community and in society, in culture and politics. The program of celebrations is completed by: the initiative of the Partisan Relays, as a concrete example of the transmission of memory and the civil conscience; the concert at the Ca ‘Rossa, with the students of the music courses of the Anzolese Cultural Center directed by Sergio Altamura; the “liberation of the balloons” which from the schools bring a message of peace and hope, this year even more felt and necessary.

Here the program of the day

Liberation Day in Zola Predosa

The Municipal Administration of Zola Predosa invites you to finally participate in the events dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Liberation from Nazi-Fascism and proposes a rich program of initiatives in collaboration with ANPI Zola Predosa, ANED Bologna, Centro Socio Culturale S. Pertini di Zola Predosa , the Company of the Unexpected, Didactic Direction and Comprehensive Institute of Zola Predosa. The first appointments are for Wednesday 20 April, the anniversary of the Liberation of Zola Predosa: at 9.00 the Auditorium Spazio Binario (Piazza della Repubblica 1) will welcome some third classes of the F. Francia Middle Schools for the screening of the docufilm “The Forgotten Front – The Resistance in Bologna ”and the meeting with the director Paolo Soglia, the Mayor Davide Dall’Omo and the Councilor for Historical Memory Giulia Degli Esposti. At 18.00, homage will be paid to the monument in via Valle which commemorates the battle of Monte Capra, a prelude to the expulsion of the occupants from our city, while at 20.30, always at the Spazio Binario, “The Forgotten Front” will be screened again, but this time for an event specifically aimed at citizens (free admission with mask and reinforced green certification).

Monday 25 April starting at 8.30 we begin with the municipal administration’s homage to monuments, tombstones and memorial stones that commemorate anti-fascist martyrs and martyrs in the area, while at 10.30 the traditional procession with the musical band kicks off from San Pancrazio and up to the Town Hall in Piazza della Repubblica where, at 11.00, the Mayor Davide Dall’Omo and the President of the Parri Virginio Merola Institute will speak. Following exhibition and awarding of the works of the students of the 3rd class of the F. France middle school “To build Peace we give a future to Memory”. In the afternoon, appointment in the park of the Sandro Pertini socio-cultural center with the concert of the “Windmills”, barter table and exhibition “The sticks of Agostino Sibani”.

Saturday 30 April at 9.00 pm at the Spazio Binario Auditorium, La Compagnia degli Imprevisti proposes the theatrical show “Letters, stories and History of the Resistance inmates to death” with admission at a cost of 10 euros.

Museums and exhibitions open on April 25 in Bologna:

Monday, April 25, a day of celebration. But art and culture do not close, giving the opportunity to see and hear many beautiful experiences. Let’s start from Bologna art gallerythat for the Liberation Day it remains open from 10am to 7pm. Even the MAMbo open from 10 to 19. At Palazzo Fava the opportunity to visit The picture gallery of the Castle. Emilian painting in the Michelangelo Poletti Collection this is also a special day: Monday 25 April 2022 10.00-19.00. Palazzo Albergati on Monday 25 April will also be open from 10.00 to 20.00 with two photographic exhibitions not to be missed: OlivieroToscani And “Photos!”.


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