the three days of a failed revolution that excites the Juve world. But if Elkann doesn’t change … “

Colleague Bucchioni on TMW:

It was enough to see Alessandro Del Piero return to the Stadium to unleash the greatest virtual revolution that the Juve world remembers. New organizational charts circulated quickly and not only on social networks, even the well-informed quickly queued up, giving the imminent dismissal of Agnelli, Allegri and all current managers, to make room for the Pinturicchio presidency, for the sensational return of Antonio Conte and at the beginning of a new cycle. The Bianconeri people, who evidently did not expect anything else, were seized by a great excitement, dragged by the extraordinary desire for change, which also involved family members like Lapo Elkann with an incendiary tweet or neighbors and genuine fans like Evelina Cristillin with some statements not too veiled. Almost a stamp of authenticity for the voices and for the sayings …
In the end, however, the revolution did not take place, they all remained in their place, from Agnelli to Allegri and company, it is only a great illusion which, however, cannot disappear as it was born and on which (for me) it is worth to reflect.

If for Arrivabene, the only novelty recently imposed by Elkann, Del Piero is only an icon and his presence at Juventus means absolutely nothing more and nothing less than being a great ex, I believe that to the , I am still speaking of John Elkann of course, the substantial dissatisfaction of a large part of the Juventus supporters cannot and must not escape.
And it would be a mistake to dismiss everything in disappointment for poor sporting results, for not having won the Scudetto for the second consecutive season.

It is true that sometimes a victory is enough to make the fans smile again, football is also this, but it does not seem to me the case of Juventus, which has been experiencing skepticism, perplexity and substantial malaise for too long now. The fans and not even a few were not happy even when Allegri won, when an extraordinary cycle made up of nine years of success was at its peak.
The feeling is that at Juventus home they have not fully understood that times have changed, that football has changed rapidly, there has been a profound renewal, including the personal data, within the supporters and users of the football product, and the most cited the company’s slogan “Winning is the only thing that matters”, is no longer accepted and shared.
The sense of belonging today arises around different values ​​and I could overturn the concept so dear to Boniperti by saying that “winning is no longer enough”.

The effort must be cultural, to be accepted one must go beyond the colors of the shirt, history and tradition, over the years football has been transformed into a sport-show and the greatest goal of the fan is no longer just to win, but also have fun, see you play well, be proud of what your team offers.
The distinctive trait and the glue of the 2.0 supporters continues to be success, of course, but to a lesser extent. Tastes have changed, they have refined, only if you win and play well, make a show, give emotions, you are at the top. You are a modern club to be enjoyed. But you can also not always win, it is not primary, the other components of a substantially changed passion are fundamental. It is the result of football globalization, for twenty years the new generations have been drinking from the sources of the City and Liverpool, Bayern or Barcelona of the good times, but they also see important football phenomena and teams that make people talk and make us proud without having an extraordinary palmares, like new football ideas.
These are the reasons that push the Bianconero people to believe in a revolution, because they would like it, in essence they would wait for it to remove from the Juventus brand that old, utilitarian football, of outdated football values ​​that probably make us less proud. Having said that, if for someone they were only speeches, we should at least evaluate the end-of-cycle effect that has been affecting the last two years of the Bianconeri. But that wasn’t done either.

History will forever pay homage to Andrea Agnelli and his golden years, perhaps unrepeatable, but the history and not only of the cast teaches that great periods have a beginning, an apex and an inevitable end. Fighting against the end, trying to resist, not taking note of what is happening, has even led to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Juve with Agnelli and his old way of doing football, from the end of the cycle, is doing just that: resist.
What is surprising is that John Elkann did not intervene. A character of his level, young, with vision, certainly knows the business dynamics more than I do, elsewhere he changed looking for new energy and ideas, in Juve not.

It is clear that the choices of recent years have been wrong and contradictory. It is clear that taking Allegri back after having fired him and branded him as the emblem of an old football just two years earlier, is the contradiction of contradictions.
That football doesn’t work there anymore or better it doesn’t work when there would be a cycle with different players to restart, there would be a team to be re-founded around a game and everything we know …

You don’t like this Juve all the more so when you see that Villareal also plays better than you and eliminates you from the Champions League, but it doesn’t excite the fans even if they win the Italian Cup final because in any case Fiorentina played football and the usual defense for the Bianconeri. and counterattack.
But I advise the fans to put their minds in peace.

If there are no sensationally unexpected facts, the revolution will not take place this time either and it was understood from the letter that John Elkann himself sent to the shareholders of Exor before Easter. Full confidence in Agnelli, investments to support the Juve brand and patience to wait for the team to grow. As if the seven hundred million already entered in a few years with two capital increases were not enough.
And the theme is precisely this: how much time will still be granted?
How long will it take to win again?
With the restoration, with Allegri on the bench, a great coach when he has to manage the champions, there is only one path that is practically obligatory: to make a great market.

This Juve needs players through and through, with personality, able to play without the need for a game that helps them and makes them grow. The leader of this type of coach is Carlo Ancelotti, the greatest of all. No one like him knows how to keep so many champions together, motivate them, give tactical ideas and make them win. But he too suffered when he had teams one step down, who needed a game, like Napoli or Everton.
So, I expect a huge market and the signal of Juventus’ intentions seems to have come from the purchase of Vlahovic. Yesterday there was talk of a two-year contract for Di Maria, that’s the way.
If these are the intentions, if four or five champions arrive, Allegri will return to play the Allegri. Or at least it will be on his ground.
Otherwise we will continue to see people like Kulusevski, for example, who do not grow, rather regress in Turin and are reborn elsewhere.

No one should be offended if I say that the season is a failure. The numbers say it. It’s obvious. Question to the Juventus fans: do you remember a game this year that makes you proud and that you enjoyed it to the fullest? Perhaps the match against Chelsea in the Champions League, perhaps the last with Inter. Then?
Barricades, dead balls, own goals, results torn with pride and anger.

Scudetto lost, Italian Super Cup lost, out of the second round of the Champions League, fewer points than Pirlo, fourth place still in doubt and even winning the Italian Cup final would be just crumbs.

Obviously Allegri is in question about the results and how Juve plays and if he answers the skeptics ironically “you will see me here also for the next three years”, obviously he is convinced that the champions will really buy them for him. Otherwise, after dreaming of Del Piero, the fans might wake up a little agitated …

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