Tulli’s exhibition inaugurated: “My father painted for everyone, with art he tried to give joy”

MACERATA – “Vitalismi” at Palazzo Buonaccorsi will be open from tomorrow until June 26th. The emotion of the painter’s daughter, Carla: «With his work she carried forward a great message of democracy». Mayor Sandro Parcaroli: “An honor to make his figure known and valued to involve young people and adults in a process of openness and cultural growth”. The exhibition is curated by Paola Ballesi and Giuliana Pascucci and includes 42 paintings, 17 ceramics and two sculptures

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Cutting the ribbon. In the center the mayor Sandro Parcaroli with (on the left) the daughter of Tulli, Carla, and (on the right) the commissioner Katiuscia Cassetta

from Mauro Giustozzi (Picture of Fabio Falcioni)

“He always tried to give others a little joy through art, he painted for everyone, for him art was a message of democracy”. So Carla, daughter of Wladimiro Tulli, wanted to photograph the work of her father which will be on display from tomorrow until June 26 in the Civic Museums of Palazzo Buonaccorsi. A few minutes ago the ribbon cutting of the ‘Vitalismi’ exhibition that celebrates the great art of Wladimiro Tulli from Macerata, an exhibition that documents the entire span of the artist’s activity with iconic works that have marked his fundamental passages.

Tulli_Buonaccorsi_FF-17-650x434The exhibition, set up on the centenary of Tulli’s birth, was strongly supported by the Municipality of Macerata which for these celebrations also sees the municipalities of Civitanova and Recanati at its side, the Carima Foundation with another exhibition at Palazzo Ricci, with the contribution of the Region and Tulli’s family members, the children Carla and Piero Alberto, a tribute to one of the great Macerata artists of the twentieth century as well as one of the last ‘futurists’. “I am happy and proud to cut the ribbon of this exhibition at Palazzo Buonaccorsi dedicated to Tulli – began the mayor Sandro Parcaroli -. For Macerata it is a pleasure and an honor to make known and enhance the talent and art of Wladimiro Tulli to involve young people and adults in a process of openness and cultural growth. With Easter just around the corner, I hope there will be many visitors to this exhibition, an anthology in which Tulli’s legacy is celebrated at 360 degrees in a choral way thanks to a project that involves the territory and numerous exhibition spaces.

Tulli_Buonaccorsi_FF-12-650x434It was a great team effort to reach this result that you will see will amaze everyone ».

The Councilor for Culture, Giorgia Latini, also spoke in a video link from the Marche Region, who underlined how «a very famous Marche artist like Tulli makes our region known to the world through the beauty of her art. In his works there is always a call to the hope that very important values ​​transmit in this historical moment we are experiencing, a difficult period where art and culture have suffered so much. But we must never lose hope and certainly Tulli’s works encourage us to always trust in the near and the future. I am happy that this very important exhibition is luster to the city of Macerata and to all the Marches ». A choral celebration that has already seen the inaugurations of the exhibitions ‘Tulli per Giacomo’ in Recanati, and ‘Futuro interiore’ at Palazzo Ricci to which ‘Wladimiro Tulli: riding dreams’ in Civitanova Alta will soon be added.

Tulli_Buonaccorsi_FF-9-650x434Of course, the daughter was particularly excited Carla Tulli for the many certificates that in this centenary from the birth of his father are coming to remember his artistic figure. «Thanks to all those who made all this possible is a must – said Carla Tulli -. Just yesterday, speaking with one of the workers who were setting up the exhibition, I asked him what he thought of my father’s work. Well he replied that he had never seen such a beautiful exhibition. For me, hearing these words was an extraordinary satisfaction, the same as it would have been for my father. He painted for everyone, not for himself as is sometimes thought of artists. Painting for everyone represented for him to carry forward a great message of democracy, because he always remembered that art must reach everyone.

The right means to reach others, in this case, can be color, shape, composition, the ease with which he passed from one material to another, from one form to another. This comes to anyone who doesn’t need a high degree of culture to understand it. This is why true art is democratic because it reaches everyone. In this exhibition there is the whole path of Tulli: he starts from futurism passing through the 50s and 60s until maturity arrived in the 70s. To finish with the last paintings, when he was suffering and sick, where he expresses profound pride with the extreme attention to details and colors and where I identified his great desire to give others a little joy through art ». The exhibition set up at Palazzo Buonaccorsi, curated by Paola Ballesi and Giuliana Pascucci, includes 42 paintings, 17 ceramics and two sculpturesas well as an appendix inside the permanent collection of the ‘900 set up with works owned by the museum and by collectors who have appreciated and enjoyed his inexhaustible creative flair.

Tulli_Buonaccorsi_FF-13-650x434“The exhibition is titled ‘Vitalisms’ because it contains all the poetics of Wladimiro Tulli – he said Paola Ballesi, president of the Macerata Cultura institution and curator of the exhibition-. With one word we said what he has pursued all his life, namely the vital energy that feeds the whole universe. It is an affinity of purpose, a continuous current to which our artist is connected. The exhibition made on the centenary of his birth was one of the objectives that the previous municipal administrations had tried to organize for some time to remember the figure of Tulli. We have only now managed to set up this event which does not only concern Macerata but the entire Marca Maceratese which has been involved in remembering its figure and art. I would say that we are happy with the work done which does honor to us, to the Tulli family and I would say to the whole city ». In closing, Katiuscia Cassetta, city councilor for culture, recalled how “between Tulli and Macerata there is a relationship of deep love for his city that he never wanted to leave and that today finally pays him the honor it deserves. Tulli has always wanted to live here, he has always chosen to stay here even when he opened his studio in Rome, in the 1940s, which allowed him to undertake collaborative relationships with the greatest artists of the twentieth century. He argued that art needed work, tenacity, time, patience and strong in him was the sense of wonder, his eyes open to the world ready to be amazed. A message that has come down to us loud and clear, which we collect thanks to his family and friends and which we would like to pass on to the next generations through this and other exhibitions spread throughout the area ».





From left: the commissioner Katiuscia Cassetta and the commissioner Oriana Piccioni



Paola Ballesi











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