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Thank you all for following the live coverage of this rugby match with us and good evening!

Therefore, Italy wins, overcoming Scotland 20-13 and thus conquering the first victory of the season in the TikTok Six Nations women’s 2022. A not beautiful match, characterized in the second half by the rain, with many mistakes of the blue, but that in comeback impose.

80 ‘Scrum for the Scoza in their own 22 less than a minute from the end

79 ‘Italy who maintains possession for a long time in the Scottish half and guests who now have a touch, but have to go up the whole field

76 ′ Blue foul and Scotland who goes to the pitch with Nelson to return under break. ITALY-SCOTLAND 20-13

74 ′ Very tough defense of the blue who immediately push Scotland back, but then a foul brings the guests back forward

72 ‘Transform Sillari ITALY-SCOTLAND 20-10


71 ′ Italy’s goal, but once again the referee asks for the TMO

69 ‘Touche won by Italy and Scottish foul, blue who remain in the British half

68 ′ Touche stolen from Italy, but Tounesi loses the oval one step away from the goal

67 ′ Beautiful blue action with Gai and Rigoni and touchdown for Scotland on their 5 meters

65 ′ Yet another twisted touch, Italy very badly in the static phases

64 ′ Finally also the blue pack puts Scotland under, Italy which gains many meters and then suffers a foul

63 ′ Italy risks big, but once again the blue defense is saved well

60 ‘Devastating Scottish melee and new blue foul. Italy that fails to get out of its own half

59 ′ Usual great defense of Italy that misses a lot in touch, but without the ball it is devastating

58 ′ Bad injury for the Scottish scrum half Jenny Maxwell, who has just entered the field. Stay on the ground

57 ′ New touch lost by Italy and ball given to the Scots


54 ′ Scotland very foul and Italy that could go for the posts

52 ′ Italy that with a nice kick sends Scotland back on its 22

50 ‘Scotland foul in the ruck and Italy which is saved and can remove the threat

49 ′ Touche lost by the blue and Scottish chance, who then loses the oval forward

48 ′ Scotland returns to the attack and touches for Italy in their own 22 meters

46 ‘Sillari transforms and draw. ITALY-SCOTLAND 10-10

45 ‘METAAAAAAA OF MELISSAAAA BETTONI! First goal for Italy with the number 2 that pushes and crushes. ITALY-SCOTLAND 8-10

45 ′ It goes beyond Bettoni, but the referee wants the confirmation of the TMO

43 ′ Scottish foul and new blue chance, while in Parma it is raining very heavily now

42 ‘First attack of the blue, but the ball is torn and nothing done

41 ′ The match at Lanfranchi in Parma resumed

40 ′ An unconvincing first half ends for Italy, which commits too many fouls and does not hurt in attack

39 ′ Yet another mistake in Italy’s ball in the hand in attack and nothing done

38 ′ Transform Nelson and extend Scotland. ITALY 3-10 SCOTLAND

37 ′ The goal is assigned to Wassell and Scotland who comes back. ITALY-SCOTLAND 3-8

37 ′ Perhaps half of Scotland with Wassell, called the TMO

35 ′ The referee retraces his steps and gives a foul in favor of Scotland which returns to touch

34 ′ Excellent defense of Italy that makes Scotland move back and then forces it to make a mistake

31 ‘Scotland a few meters from the goal line and still an advantage to be exploited

28 ′ Dominate Scotland in the scrum and punishment for the guests

27 ′ Melee for Italy in attack, Di Giandomenico’s team has grown

24 ′ Furlan returns to the field, wrong touch from Italy

22 ‘Football placed for Sillari and draw! ITALY 3-3 SCOTLAND

22 ′ Excellent blue action, many fouls by Scotland both in maul and in open play and blue chance

20 ‘Scottish foul on the meeting point and Italy going into touch in the 22 opponents

19 ‘Italy trying to get back into attack after suffering for a long time

18 ′ Scotland continues to play the game in these minutes, but defends Italy well

15 ‘Blue error on the kick-off, the 10 meters are not made and the melee given to Scotland

15 ‘Another change, Furlan comes out and Ostuni Minuzzi enters

14 ′ Helen Nelson kicks between the posts and Scotland who goes ahead. ITALY 0-3 SCOTLAND

13 ′ Italy is now suffering, very foul, with Scotland a few meters from the goal line

12 ‘Touche crooked and Italy saved

11 ′ Blue offside and Scotland who can go up the field

9 ′ Blue lunge, but a forward nullifies the good action

8 ′ The scrum-half Stefan comes out, injured his knee, and Barattin enters

8 ′ Another Scottish foul, while Italy does not take advantage of the advantage

7 ′ Good deed by Italy that goes up the field and finds a punishment

5 ′ Arrighetti one step away from interception, but the ball falls forward. Excellent blue defense anyway in this start

3 ′ Furlan shoots from his own half, but fails to stay on the pitch and nothing has done

2 ′ Excellent blue defense that makes Scotland move back and forces them to give the ball to Italy

1 ′ First action immediately for Scotland who with a nice kick-off forces Arrigoni to leave the field and offensive touchdown for the guests

20.17 Teams on the field and ready for kick-off.

20.15 These are the formations in the field.
Italy: 15 Manuela Furlan, 14 Aura Muzzo, 13 Michela Sillari, 12 Beatrice Rigoni, 11 Maria Magatti, 10 Veronica Madia, 9 Sofia Stefan, 1 Melissa Bettoni, 2 Vittoria Vecchini, 3 Lucia Gai, 4 Valeria Fedrighi, 5, Giordana Duca , 6 Beatrice Veronese, 7 Isabella Locatelli, 8 Ilaria Arrighetti
Substitutions: 16 Silvia Turani, 17 Gaia Maris, 18 Michela Merlo, 19 Sara Tounesi, 20 Alessandra Frangipani, 21 Sara Barattin, 22 Alyssa D’Incà, 23 Vittoria Ostuni Minuzzi
Scotland: 15. Chloe Rollie, 14. Rhona Lloyd, 13. Lisa Thomson, 12. Helen Nelson, 11. Shona Campbell, 10. Sarah Law, 9. Caity Mattinson; 1. Molly Wright, 2. Lana Skeldon, 3. Christine Belisle, 4. Emma Wassell, 5. Sarah Bonar, 6. Rachel Malcolm, 7. Rachel McLachlan, 8. Evie Gallagher
Substitutions: 16. Jodie Rettie, 17. Leah Bartlett, 18. Katie Dougan, 19. Louise McMillan, 20. Anne Young, 21. Jenny Maxwell, 22. Hannah Smith, 23. Megan Gaffney

20.10 “In the first three games we were unable to fully express our game, this year we are introducing new mechanisms, and it takes time for them to become automatic. With England and Ireland, moreover, a bit of determination was lacking: for Saturday’s match we worked above all on the effectiveness of the results we want to achieve in the different phases of the game ”said captain Furlan on the eve of the match.

20.05 In Italy an obligatory change compared to the 15th announced, with Elisa Giordano out due to injury, Ilaria Arrighetti moved to number 8, Isabella Locatelli who enters the holder as a flanker and the newly called Alessandra Frangipani arrives on the bench.

20.00 The two teams arrive after three consecutive defeats each and must win to leave the bottom of the standings.

19.50 Good evening everyone and welcome to the live Italy-Scotland match, valid for the fourth round of the TikTok Six Nations women’s 2022.

Good afternoon to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match between Italy and Scotland, valid for the fourth day of the TikTok Six Nations 2022 women’s rugbywith the blue chasing the first victory.

The blues come, in fact, from the defeats against France, England and Ireland, with the knockout of Cork that left a bad taste in the mouth for the bad performance of the girls of Andrea Di Giandomenico. Italy which, therefore, is on the hunt for its first seasonal success and which at Lanfranchi wants to make a change to end the Six Nations with a flourish and target the World Cup which will be held in the autumn in New Zealand.

Scotland is also at zero success after the knockouts against England, Wales and France, but in the first part of the tournament the British showed a lot of good things, with the knockout with the Welsh comeback, while also with France the Scots held up well. Last year in Scotland they finished 20-41 for the blues and the guests will want to avenge the heavy knockout suffered, while at Lanfranchi, in September, Italy won 38-13 in the first match of the qualifying tournament for the World Cup.

The match between Italy and Scotland will start at 20.20. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

Photo: Valerio Origo – LPS

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