Unripe, all the stages of the disaster: with Milan the last straw

The relationship between the Biancocelesti fans and the central player is at a minimum. The mistake and the laugh after Tonali’s goal are just the last episodes …

Lazio - Acerbi, all the stages of the disaster: with Milan the last straw


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Lazio lose once again in full recovery and bow to a Milan that remains in the running for the title. A knockout that burns more than anything else for how the 2-1 goal arrived due to a double macroscopic error of Marusic and Acerbi. The two, then, almost came to blows at the end of the match with the Montenegrin who screamed at each to his teammate. The central is once again in the center of the spotlight for his smile after the goal of Tonali. Yet another controversy that does not help the former Sassuolo who has often been the protagonist of unpleasant episodes during the season. The defender responded piqued on social media saying he had always given everything for this shirt. But where does all the diatribe with the Biancoceleste supporters come from? Subdued performances, questionable statements, irritating gestures and the non-respect of the fans are the basis of a relationship that has gradually deteriorated with the passage of time. We need to rewind the tape two years ago and at the lockdown to reconstruct the whole story step by step.

JULY / AUGUST 2020 – After the stop of the championship due to the covid, we return to play but the Lazio admired in the first part of the season seems to have vanished. The championship dream moves away thanks to some below average performances, especially from a physical point of view. In the dock, in addition to Inzaghi and his staff, the new nutritionist Lader Fabbri also ends up. His innovative methods do not make a dent in the team and are also in conflict with the health staff. Acerbi, a great friend of Fabbri’s, openly sides with the nutritionist and on social networks responds to those who criticize him with a “it’s just envy”. A defense of a loved one, however, did not destabilize the environment that much, which continued to consider 33 an absolute pillar.

6 SEPTEMBER 2020 – Like a bolt from the blue, the declarations from the withdrawal of the national team arrive. To the microphones of Rai Sport, Acerbi says: “Renewal? I have read some things that are not true, both for the figures requested and for those offered. Things are done in the right places, not in the newspapers. I believe I have always shown respect to society and I expect a minimum of respect me too or at least if we talk about it in the right places. It bothered me and if this is the attitude they have and they will go on like this, maybe the renewal will no longer be in my head “. Words that trigger the reactions of the Biancocelesti fans who do not take the ex Sassuolo’s exit well. His complaints are considered a fall of style and the player is accused of having mounted his head.

JANUARY 2021 The company works and finds the agreement for the renewal until 2025. In the meantime, Acerbi is no longer a negative protagonist, but rather is appreciated for important performances. Even in the statements and on his social networks he does not make slips and the people of Lazio seem to have forgiven him for his words in the national team.

FEBRUARY 2021 – Lazio badly lost 4-1 at the Olimpico against Bayern Munich. Inzaghi’s team suffers Lewandowski and his teammates and greets the Champions League. Acerbi analyzes his performance over the TV microphones and, before saying goodbye, decides to show his love for his partner: “I love Claudia! Forever?”. Nothing wrong with that and there is also talk of a nice curtain seen several times in the previous months. After an immediate 4-1, however, more than a few fans do not appreciate what happened.

MAY 2021 – Lazio loses the derby against Roma 2-0. Acerbi is the protagonist in the negative with a game not played at best in which he is dominated by Dzeko. The central ends up on the dock again and the player apologizes on social media: “I played badly almost the whole game. I should have asked for the change, I didn’t want to abandon the boat, I tried to fight until the end! I apologize to my teammates, the coach, the fans and myself. Tomorrow I will do the resonance to make sure it’s nothing serious. ” The season ends with a sixth place with more shadows than lights and the farewell of Simone Inzaghi.

JULY 2021 – Acerbi wins the European Championship. A magical moment for the central who, after the holidays, returns to Formello and joins his teammates to begin the Sarri era,

SEPTEMBER 2021 – The start with the new coach is not the best. The transition from defense to 3 to 4 creates many problems. Acerbi and Luiz Felipe seem to be the ones most in difficulty. For Francesco also comes the greatest joy with his partner Claudia who makes him the father of little Vittoria. Relations with the environment seem to be restored.

OCTOBER 2021 – Another fracture in Bologna where Lazio falls and yields 3-0 to the Bolognese. Acerbi gets nervous and gets a red for protests that costs him two days of disqualification. Not only that, leaving the field the player also makes the middle finger towards the stands. The player promptly apologizes on social media with an apology post and video, but the fans are starting to get tired of his way of doing it.

1 DECEMBER 2021 – Acerbi signs the momentary 4-3 in the match against Udinese. A match that Lazio had found themselves losing by 1-3. The roar of the Olimpico when the Var confirms the regular position is thrilling. In the final, the Friulians will find 4-4 thanks to Arslan.

12 DECEMBER 2021 – Lazio also lose to Sassuolo 2-1. Acerbi is still a negative protagonist. The defender Berardi is lost on the occasion of the first goal. A few minutes later on one of his offensive sortie, the biancocelesti suffer a deadly counterattack that leads to Raspadori’s goal. Sarri himself will say that the team hurt themselves. The fans present at the Mapei Stadium call the defender under the segment reserved for them, but Acerbi returns to the locker room.

19 DECEMBER 2021 – The evening of the fracture at the moment incurable. Lazio beat Gneoa 3-1 and Acerbi is among the scorers. The defender, after scoring the goal, rejoices by making the gesture of silence as if to silence the fans present. The player then introduces himself to DAZN’s microphones and his words make noise: “Exultant response to criticism? I care less about anything, it’s part of our job, of what we do. Fortunately people don’t know what happens in the locker room, that’s right. Finding ourselves tenths in the standings is never nice, we have We are trying to solve some difficulties. We are doing our best, almost. Fans? Now there are fewer than when there was Covid, we miss them. We were at zero, now we have five thousand, that’s okay “. The fans immediately resented and expressed discontent on social media and on the radio. The player quickly realized he was wrong e he apologized for the gesture with a video message on social media.

DECEMBER 22, 2021 – Three days later Lazio are on stage in Venice. The biancocelesti impose themselves 3-1 on the lagoons and Acerbi still ends up in the scorers’ table. It is hoped that the fracture will re-enter. The fans boo and dedicate not-so-nice choirs to him. They ask for a confrontation on several occasions, but the player does not go under the sector dedicated to the biancoceleste supporters. The Ultras Lazio, then, da very harsh statement: “Unripe man without honor, get out of Rome”.

DECEMBER 24, 2021 – The fracture widens more and more e outside the North the banner is displayed: “Unripe go away”.

6 JANUARY 2022 – Lazio returns to the field after the Christmas break and Acerbi is on the pitch. Despite the muscle problem accused with Venice, the player grits his teeth. The reception of the Olimpico is not the best because the central is whistled every time he touches the ball. After a few minutes, the former Sassuolo has a relapse and is forced to leave the field. The injury will be more serious than expected and Acerbi will return to the field only on February 27th in the match against Napoli.

20 MARCH 2022 – Lazio swerves and clearly loses the derby 3-0. A very bad test of the Biancocelesti dominated by the Giallorossi and never in the game. Acerbi still ends up in the spotlight for a series of errors. After a few seconds, in fact, the defender does not blow a ball into the area and gives away the corner from which the advantage of Mourinho’s team arises. The race is uphill and Abraham puts him in obvious difficulty with the former Milan playing one of his worst games with an eagle on his chest.

24 APRIL 2022 – Lazio gives Milan to the last breath. Tonali’s 2-1 comes after a sensational double mistake by Marusic and Acerbi. The two almost come to blows at the final whistle with the Montenegrin who insults his partner. The central is caught in the seconds after the goal suffered while laughing. A nervous grimace, probably which, however, does not really go down to the people of Lazio who react once again against him. The defense of Sarri And the post where the player says he has always given everything for this shirt does not seem to be enough. The controversy still flares up on social media for a report that seems more and more to the end credits.

Posted 04/25/2022

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