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The return of Formula 1 to the Old Continent has favored the introduction of several updates by the teams. The anomalous format of the Sprint Race, with only one free practice session before the entry into force of the parc fermé regime, has prompted some teams to desist from bringing news to the track, but a large part of the starter fleet has not given up on developments already ready. Among these is included Red Bull, absolute dominator of the Imola weekend, who was able to count on some improvements made to the RB18. In particular, mention should be made of the use of lightened mechanical components, among which the new brake calipers developed in collaboration with Brembo, and the application of a vortex generator at the entrance to the flat bottom stand out. This solution was first introduced by Aston Martin, only to be subsequently taken up by Ferrari.

Own the Maranell Stableor raced the Imola weekend in the same configuration as Melbourne, with the exception of the traditional alternation between flaps and wings from different load levels already available to the team. Binotto has announced the arrival of a new rear wing for Miami with the aim of improving aerodynamic efficiency, essential on a high-speed track such as the US one. However, the most substantial updates will arrive in Barcelona, ​​where a new bottom designed to mitigate the porpoising phenomenon is expected, so as to be able to reduce the height from the ground and increase the generation of load from the bottom.
In Imola Mercedes has made several changes to the W13, which in spite of the number, however, are more refinements than real corrections. In particular, there was an increase in the appendages on the sides of the passenger compartment to increase the supply of air to the side radiators, some modifications to the bottom and diffuser to improve the stability of the rear axle and the thinning of the rear-view mirror supports and the fairing of the side impact structure to reduce the risk of flow detachment from surfaces.

On the banks of the Santerno McLaren raced in the same configuration as in Melbourne. In Australia, the MCL36 had introduced new external aerodynamic appendages to the rear brake air intakes, which at the moment are the only changes made to the car after the disastrous performance in Bahrain. This confirms how much the Woking team is growing thanks to the sole understanding of the car.
In Emilia Romagna, the changes to the fund for Alpine and AlphaTauri. The Faenza team has thoroughly revised the aerodynamics of the underbody and Franz Tost has confirmed that the updates have behaved as expected. The cars from Faenza have served a disappointing qualifying, but the subsequent comeback, in particular by Yuki Tsunoda, invites us to carefully monitor the car in the next rounds.

Alfa Romeo took part in the Made in Italy Grand Prix with changes to the bellies in the delicate area in front of the gearbox, crucial for the management of flows to the diffuser. Aerodynamic news also for Williamswhile Haas he preferred to postpone the new fund developed to reduce porpoising to Miami. Technical director Simone Resta confirmed that the choice was made due to adverse weather conditions during the only free practice session on Friday.

-Bahrain: sides and radiators; nose with a greater excavation in the lower part; car bottom (rejected the second version tested in the FP1 Grand Prix); new end profiles of the front wing for changes to the aerodynamic balance; refinement of the vertical deflectors of the rear brake baskets.
-Saudi Arabia: double specification of low load rear wing;
– Australia: /
-Imola: downwash appendages in the center of the car to increase the air supply to the radiators; re-profiling of mirrors and fairing of the side impact structure to reduce the detachment of the flow; bottom lightening; raised floor in front of the rear wheels and new external diffuser flaps to increase load generation at the rear.

-Bahrain: slight tapering of the sides; anterior wing refinement; new vertical strips of the rear diffuser.
– Saudi Arabia: widening of the front brake cooling air intakes; debut rear wing and low load beam wing.
-Australia: new lightened front wing endplates with a different diveplane trend.
-Imola: generator of vortices at the mouth of the flat bottom; lightening of mechanical components.

-Bahrain: progressive evolution of the fund through successive modifications during the tests.
-Saudi Arabia: medium-low load rear wing.
-Australia: different design of the central ramp of the diffuser (tested on Friday).
-Imola: /

-Bahrain: new front brake cooling air intakes; new rear diffuser flaps; vortex generators on the sidepods.
-Saudi Arabia: /
-Australia: new external aerodynamic appendages to the rear brake air intakes.
-Imola: /

-Bahrain: repositioning of radiators; bottom, sidepods.
-Saudi Arabia: low load rear wing.
-Australia: new vertical strips in the entrance section of the Venturi channels on the bottom; new external aerodynamic appendages to the rear brake air intakes.
-Imola: new fund.

-Bahrain: /
-Saudi Arabia: low load rear wing.
– Australia: /
-Imola: new front brake air intakes; new external diffuser flaps; complete redesign of the bottom: outer edge, height of the inlet section, front grille

-Bahrain: bottom; new rear-view mirrors; re-profiling of the air intakes of the side radiators; new rear-view mirrors; shortening of the external strip in front of the entrance section of the bottom Venturi channel.
-Saudi Arabia: low load rear wing.
-Australia: rear wing with greater load with straight profile
-Imola: /

-Bahrain: /
-Saudi Arabia: low load rear wing.
-Australia: beam-wing with greater load; different trend of the cooling ducts of the front brake air intakes.
-Imola: new rear wing; refinement of the fairing of the advanced arm of the upper triangle of the front suspension; partial paint removal to reduce weight.

-Bahrain: new front brake cooling vents.
-Saudi Arabia: new external appendages of the rear brake sockets; re-profiling of the rear suspension arms for aerodynamic purposes; low load rear wing.
– Australia: /
-Imola: new modified bellies in the coca-cola area; changes to the bottom in the front; new rear brake vents.

-Bahrain: bottom.
-Saudi Arabia: /
-Australia: diffuser.
-Imola: new fund to reduce porpoising (not used, postponed to Miami due to bad weather)

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