Vasco concert, all the questions and all the answers: what time does it start, when the roads close, can we go there by bike? – Trento

ROLLING PIN. Vasco Rossi concert: the meetings, organized by the Municipality of Trento, continue to inform citizens on the main measures that will affect the city on the occasion of the event, scheduled for next May 20. The topics to be studied in detail concern in particular traffic, road closures, accesses to the concert area and parking lots.

Last night the appointment was in Mattarello, at the multipurpose room in via Poli. The engineer Silvia Marchesi, director of the CUE, the surveyor Fernando Poli of the municipal office responsible for roads and the chief commissioners of the local police Pierangelo Vescovi and Mauro Eccel attended.
Silvia Marchesi, after the introductory greeting by Paolo Frenez, head of the cabinet of the mayor of Trento, illustrated the general characteristics of the area affected by the show and spoke in particular of the accesses, the parking lots, the connecting shuttles between the most distant and the urban area. The main information, she recalled, are available on the website of the Province in a page dedicated to the event (
Pierangelo Vescovi provided information on traffic closures planned in stages from the days before the concert to the outflow at the end of the show.
Mauro Eccel focused on the issue of food administration and authorized sales activities on the occasion of the event: he recalled that the Municipality has adopted a specific announcement. In Trento, he explained, exhibitors will also be able to keep their business open during the evening and the night following the concert to give spectators an extra service even in the outflow phase.
A few questions from the audience followed.

In general, it should be noted that the areas affected by the measures will be reachable by the residents through alternative routes. For example, to reach Mattarello from the north you will have to use the ring road (as long as the closures do not come into effect) and then the SP 90 (via Ravina-Romagnano). The highway, on the other hand, will always remain open.

The economic activities located in the southern area of ​​Trento will all be accessible (except for distributors on the closed section). With these and other measures it is believed that the difficulties are easily manageable thanks to the alternative routes also guaranteed for workers.

Below, in summary, the topics covered during the evening and some of the information available on the website of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Concert area

27 hectares; three areas for the public (Pit), from the closest to the stage the furthest to the north; behind the stage towards Mattarello there will be backstage and parking for the organization’s vehicles.


The concert will only be reached from the north, with two entrances: one from via dei Viticoltori, the other from via di San Vincenzo. These routes are the same for both inflow and outflow and are valid for everyone except for the disabled for whom a different access has been provided. For the outflow, specific signs will indicate to spectators the routes to follow, based on the vehicle they arrived with and the parking lot where they have their own vehicles.


After the sound check scheduled for the evening of Thursday 19, Friday 20 May, the day of the concert, the gates will be open from 9 in the morning, the performance is scheduled at 21.00 ending around midnight.

One thinks of a peak arrivals between 16.00 and 18.00. It is expected that the exodus after the concert begins around midnight and continues until 02.30 – 03.00.

Trains and buses

The advice in general is to use train and bus to reach Trento.

At least 120 – 150 buses are expected (for a total of 10,000 spectators). These vehicles will be able to park on the ring road between exit 2 (Marinai d’Italia roundabout) and Mattarello. In case of need, the car park can reach Acquaviva.

With regard to trains, for an estimated use of 10,000 – 15,000 people, an increase in the outflow services is expected, starting from 02.00 until 05.00 on 21 May for the 3 routes: Verona, Bolzano and Bassano. Trentino Trasporti will also enhance rail transport services.

Arrival by bicycle, on foot and by motorbike

About 15,000 spectators are expected to approach the concert area by bike and on foot. In the public parking in via Lidorno n. 37 racks will be set up for at least 1000 bicycles, in the one a little further north, in via Marinai d’Italia, there will be space to leave the motorcycles. These parking lots will not be subject to reservation. In addition, all cycle paths will be passable. The bicycle parking will be guarded, however it is advisable to be equipped with a padlock.

Cars and parking lots

Approximately 25,000 parking spaces will be available. The parking spaces, reserved for concert ticket holders, will be bookable, for cars, campers and buses, on a dedicated portal that will be activated in the next few days.

On May 19, parking will be available in via al Desert accessible from the ring road using exits 4 (with the ring road closed, people on foot will be directed along the ring road to exit 2 and then towards the access to the concert area) .

For May 20 there will be:

– the car parks in Trento city: from Ravina to the ex Zuffo passing through the area of ​​via al Desert, Sanseverino, Monte Baldo, ex Italcementi) – for about 15,000 – 16,000 parking spaces: reachable on foot during the outflow phase;

– parking in the northern area – Spini di Gardolo / Interporto / Lavis (for about 6,000 spaces with shuttle service running up to via Barbacovi – piazza Fiera and to follow with the pedestrian path);

– parking in the east area – Pergine (for about 3000 seats with an active shuttle service up to viale Rovereto and following the pedestrian path)

– parking lots in the Riva del Garda area – with bus transport service to Trento (in total about 2,200 parking spaces: 1800 parking spaces in the Baltera area, exhibition center, and the rest in the former Cattoi area along state road 240).

On May 20 for those arriving by car and parking in the city car parks:

– as regards the parking in via al Desert, the procedures will be the same as on day 19;

– for the northernmost city car parks (such as San Severino, ex Italcementi, Monte Baldo, Ex Zuffo) the pedestrian flow will follow via Sanseverino, Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, via Ghiaie, via Al Desert, from here you will follow the ring road with a dedicated path for pedestrians to the concert arena. The same path will have to be followed during the outflow from the arena towards the city car parks.

Tangential closure

The ring road between exit 2 (Marinai d’Italia roundabout) and exit 3 (Ravina) will be closed in both directions on May 19th, after 12.00. As mentioned, you can park in via al Desert and walk to the concert arena via a dedicated path.

The ring road will be reopened from the early hours of Friday 20 May until about 8.30, and then closed until the morning of Saturday 21 May. The closure in this case will be from the Ponte di Ravina to the south of Mattarello.


For the disabled, 200 seats will be reserved for the show and parking spaces in the Mattarello area, in via della Cooperation and if necessary based on reservations also near the Cibio. It will also be guaranteed the transfer with equipped shuttles to the concert arena which they will access from a dedicated path.

Mobility and phased closures

From 08.00 on Wednesday 18 May a white area will be established, with traffic limits from the Marinai d’Italia roundabout to via Pomeranos in Mattarello. From 06.00 on Thursday 19 May a yellow area will be set up, with provisions limiting traffic from via della Cooperation to Mattarello to via Menguzzato.

On Friday 20 May a red zone will be established up to the Palasport. There will be checkpoints of the local police to verify that the various areas have access to those entitled to them (residents, those who go to work or school, shopkeepers and those who go to commercial activities in the area).

On Friday 20 May public transport on via S. Vincenzo in Mattarello will be guaranteed until 08.00. Then via S. Vincenzo will be closed until the early hours of Saturday morning. To reach Mattarello, alternative routes will be available for private vehicles.

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