Verstappen and Red Bull from 10, Leclerc disappoints 5. Hamilton missing, Ricciardo maldestro-

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Red Bull reacted like a great team and found reliability: a clear message to the Cavallino. Leclerc has to make a qualitative leap on strategy, Sainz black weekend

It may be that after the Gp of Emilia Romagna and made in Italy (vote 0 to those who chose the title and to those who accepted it: at that point, why not make Emilia Romagna, Made in Italy and Lambrusco?) someone will rewrite the story of the mountain pipers who went to play and were played . It must be adapted to the pipers of Maranello, I went to Imola for a great concert and instead found myself with the notes askew while the melodies of the men in blue, those of Red Bull, were sweet. Wow what a bang. And what a rip off for all those (vote 10 and praise) that have painted the stands of the Santerno circuit red, overwhelming the pro-Verstappen orange wave that is raging in F1.

Red Bull: 10

A great team reaction after that in the first three races the quality of the RB 18 had been tainted s by Ferrari but also and above all by critical reliability. The car from Imola was flawless and with a top speed of 10 km per hour higher than the Ferrari sent clear messages to the Cavallino. Victory number 77 (-4 from Lotus), eighteenth double in history, the last was in 2016 in Mexico, 110 GP and 2030 days ago: an overbearing and authoritarian return, with a great goal on the enemy’s field.

Max Verstappen: 10

Over the weekend in Italy there is only one flaw: the mediocre start in the sprint race on Saturday, promptly remedied with the comeback on Leclerc. In the real GP he didn’t do anything wrong, he cleared the table immediately and there was none for anyone: they make 22 victories (equal to Damon Hill) and 62 podiums (reached David Coulthard with entry into the Top 10 of each era). SuperMax returns home with the maximum possible haul and with a powerful leap in the standings: he was sixth, now the first pursuer (at -27) of Carlo from Montecarlo.

Sergio Perez: 9

He was never in a position to aim for the top, but in all likelihood it wasn’t what the team wanted either. Excellent match in Verstappen’s serviceimmediately removing second place from Leclerc and containing the Ferrari driver who wanted to recover at least what he had achieved on the starting grid.

Lando Norris: 8

Podium for grace received, all right. But faithful to his tradition of always being there (when the car assists him, of course), Lando put himself in a position to take advantage of Leclerc’s gift. a diesel-pilot, has autonomy on his side.

George Russel: 8

If the Mercedes is a wrong car, he is telling another story: while Hamilton floundered without remission, the one who replaced Bottas took advantage of the Ricciardo-Sainz accident at the beginning, but then thanked good luck with a GP of great thickness. But for the team now a bit of a problem: George risks destabilizing the leadership of the seven-time world champion. A film already seen in 2007 at McLaren, starring Alonso and Hamilton himself (in the role of a Russell of the time).

Yuki Tsunoda: 8

After two unsuccessful exits, in Arabia and Australia, the full-spirited Japanese returns to the points (seventh) proving to be fast and unwilling to be put on his feet.

Valtteri Bottas: 8

Perhaps at this point he was right who claimed that the Iceman number 2 (the number 1 was and will always be Kimi Raikkonen) at Mercedes had a great car but was also under a psychological hood. The Alfa not a top single-seater, but good and that is enough to inspire the one who begins to lose the title of King Mess.

Sebastian Vettel: 7

He deserved even more because the start was excellent and then he defended himself in the battles in the center of the table. Here, that something extra was missing compared to a position soon plafonata between the seventh place and the eighth final. But after the disastrous Gp of Saudi Arabia, which had proposed a retirement Sebastian, it is consoling to see the four-time world champion floating again.

Pierre Gasly: ​​7

Not scoring, this time the harvest for the Alpha Tauri was done by Tsunoda. But he enjoyed a world of repelling, without giving him a chance, the attacks of Hamilton who was trying to climb back towards the points zone. The French from Milan gave dignity to a rearguard duel.

Alexander Albon: 6.5

Williams is the cinderella of the championship, now established, but the Thai driver is retouching his personal prices upwards in his second life in F1. Eleventh, Stroll denied him a dot that would not have been stolen.

Ferrari: 6

Mind you. The vote is not for the single-seater, which is certainly of high quality, but for the turnover of the home GP: partly due to bad luck and partly due to errors of those who drove (Leclerc, of course, but let’s not forget that Sainz on Friday tests the F1-75, condemning himself to a comeback in the sprint race) the result does not go beyond sufficiency. Mattia Binotto is right to say that morale must remain high, but there are at least two reflections to be made: the fast Red Bull and if he has fixed the reliability he is worth no less than the Red Bull; it is necessary to return with your feet planted on the groundnot forgetting that humility is a beacon of growth.

Mercedes: 5.5

Paradoxically, the indications would have been clearer if Russell had also failed: instead his fourth place does not resolve the fundamental question of the value of the car. But it is clear that the developments coming to Barcelona (20-22 May) will be decisive for a turning point in a World Cup in which there are many and unprecedented problems, including the sparks between Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton.

The new cars: 5.5

Ouch, ouch, perhaps he had exaggerated to praise the new course of F1 cars. The wet ground often prevented the use of the DRS and the truth is that overtaking is propitiated by the moving wing, rather than the ground effect of the machines. However, having said that Imola is not the ideal circuit to overtake the opponents.

Carlos Sainz: 5.5

Ricciardo touched it, driving it into the gravel, already in the first lap at the Tamburello variant. the black epilogue of a weekend in which Carlos, fresh from renewal of the contract, has only the comeback in the sprint race to his credit. Considering the mistake on Friday, which created a less than ideal situation, the report card is insufficient.

Charles Leclerc: 5

The first mistake of the season (car on the curb at the Gresini variant and hello grip, with inevitable crash against the protective tires: good for him who managed to resume and finish sixth in comeback) impatience and lack of realism: would Perez be attackable? No, at a guess. Charles, we know, never gives up trying, but this mistake belongs to the Leclerc of the past years. Leclerc who leads the World Cup is also asked for a qualitative leap in terms of strategy and calculations.

Lewis Hamilton: 4.5

Incredible to see him covet the tail of Gasly’s Alpha Tauri as if it were a treasure to be reached, in any case a placement beyond the points area is up for grabs. The fact that Lewis didn’t make it chiude in the worst way a bad Imola for hima harbinger of an unavoidable crack in relations with the team.

Alpine: 4

Again so much rumor about nothing. Fernando Alonso looked like he could have sparks in the sprint race, but he finished off the points. And in the main GP he was torpedoed – innocent – by Mick Schumacher. For Esteban Ocon (vote 5) failed to dispel the impression that the A522 has poor quality fabric.

Daniel Ricciardo: 4

He ruined Carlos Sainz but took Norris’ pay again. The kangaroo perhaps on the avenue of the sunset?

Mick Schumacher: 3

The Haas is not a bad car and Kevin Magnussen (6.5: vote lowered because he is often undisciplined and gets caught red-handed) proves it. But Mick, again, didn’t get it right: first a spin, then a blow to Alonso. And in the bill there is also a black and white flag, the last warning before the expulsion from the race. After the misdeeds on the circuit of paternal triumphs, Schumi jr enters, despite him, in contention for the Latifi Award, destined for the worst driver in the championship. He is competing with the Canadian from Williams, who deserves to honor the title of the competition.

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