Weekly horoscope: happy days for Taurus, euphoria and curiosity for Gemini

Apparently calm week, but Mercury stirs the souls of some, while the solar energies migrate to another zodiacal dimension, ready to favor other elements among the twelve. Good week everyone!


This is a week based on the observation of the surrounding and all that it entails making you aware of your life, of your gravity with respect to the expressive modules of others in which for now you do not see each other again. Thanks also to the abandonment of the Sun from your degrees, a period of individual reflection begins, perhaps you do not feel particularly attracted to anything and even at work you do not seem stimulated to the maximum, indeed, many will notice your decline in interest. Perhaps you are just wondering why you are different because you are aware that you have a value that needs certain volumes of feedback that you cannot find for now. Do not worry, in a while fast planets will arrive that will dynamize your situation.


Your sky is super dynamized by a Mercury that will not make you miss anything, your sky will be definitely full of attractions, from many points of view. It is not enough for a planet to go through the degrees of a sign, but the quantity of aspects it forms during its passage that makes the transit truly meaningful. And that’s exactly what will happen to you, your soul is looking for stimuli and Mercury will give you plenty, but now concentrate on relationships, where, the old ones seem to go towards an awareness, while the new ones can surprise you and fall in love so much that make you feel strong and full of vigor. The sun is about to enter your degrees and will make you immensely happy.


Euphoric and curious as never before, you are facing a beautiful week full of great tension and great fulfillment. Heaven will make you really full of emotional branches and you seem to be curious to know what return you have obtained from social directions in which you have invested. New or even known people to whom you propose yourself in a different key, even if Mercury seems to be hiding, it will instead be from the meanders of your unconscious that will activate emotions and intuitions that sometimes could only be your expectations. But don’t forget to live with intensity the next weekend in which the passion and the desire to love will be protagonists in your life and will create a new drive that you will not be able to resist.


It is precisely the position of Mercury that makes you feel stronger and more concrete, your desires seem to be reflected in reality, it is typical of your sweet character to give you greater illusions and nourish really strong expectations. But this time you are well placed and a lot of your reality will give you really important confirmations. In love, do not ask too much and do not devour the attention partner, Mars will soon ask you to get back in shape and follow the line better, while the family pleasures take you a little away, the ups and downs in love seem to have stabilized and you are living in a period that will bring many new implications. Make the most of this position and try your best not to fall into repetitive waste of time amidst social frivolities and perspectives that give you nothing.


Mercury is in a square position with your degrees, and here comes a little agitation that makes your plans a little more daring. Indeed, your sky seems to feel a certain tiredness in the way of communicating and acting, but an irrepressible hyperactivity is boiling within you that requires great flexibility and a remarkable desire to do. While the dialogue in love will be to be kept under control very carefully, since you risk saying and or doing something annoying, therefore try to ironize about and look for a fun way to externalize and realize more and more that your life has taken. a new course and that many changes between now and summer will have the task of giving a new definition. It also applies to the job where you will try to change everything if not actually change jobs.


A mighty trine from the Sun that gives you energy and one from Mercury that gives you strength and makes you hyperactive, eager to open up and do whatever it takes to make your reality happily full. It is a moment to be exploited to the maximum, the stars will make you very pleasant in the eyes of others and will force you to tear up the usual barriers that you put between you every now and then and a sociality that instead opens up new horizons for now. It is time to reap the fruits of many investments, including work that have put you to the test but which now turn into gifts deserved desired goals, and, almost perfect synthesis consistently with your commitment, continue to cultivate this state of affairs with grace. and lightness.


A very varied week of mood states that intervene from planets in distant positions. So soon the Sun will stop making you feel drained by ending its opposition from the ram and the will to live and expand will return. But the week will long be calm and reflective, dancing and original thoughts will crowd into your mind, like a puzzle that comes together giving you a broader and new vision of your life and trying to get in touch with your true desires, as if you have endured for a long time something that now has no reason to be kept still in your life. So the weekend will be full of fantasies, a desire to escape and curiosity for someone you would love to know better and read the coordinates that seem illegible for now.


The sky moves energies in the farthest point from you on the zodiac wheel, and for a sort of attraction towards that movement that you still cannot make yours try to follow the trails of things, events and people that drag you into that chaos of events. which, however, you still do not dominate. Perhaps you should reflect a little better on casual attractions and on relationships or simple relationships that have just started, your sky is definitely to be controlled and measured, your desire for externalization unfortunately runs the risk of being repetitive and full of insecurities, but it is also it’s time for new attractions, so focus on those and try to choose well. This week the opposition of the Sun will begin, you may feel a little tired of partying.


Although for many it is a fairly calm week, for you a period of research and chaos begins around you, perhaps because you are experiencing a really intense moment full of revenge that will lead you to find new directions, but the weekend phase will require you to rest and will advise you not to make too rash decisions. Even in love you are eager to fill yourself with commitments so as not to focus too much on the two-way dynamic that needs instead of being lightened. Your sky has definitely changed and is waiting for a turning point that will not be long in coming with the steps of a late spring, in the meantime keep in training.


A splendid trine will soon form in your sky between Pluto and the Sun, the only one capable of unraveling the shadows of Pluto and dissolving the mists that you have long believed to be a curtain of unclear things. But maybe these are your doubts since in recent months you have made really significant and full of satisfaction evolutions, now revived creativity and desire to do will take hold of you and make you feel that you have the tools in hand to change your realities. In love, passion and attraction reign supreme and you want to build something new and great for yourself. Don’t just be absolute as usual in judging others and transform what you can as much as possible.


It seems that for now anyone doing their best to make you nervous or destabilize you and you get a little tired of this adverse Mercury that makes any form of communication unpleasant, you close yourself a bit. In this week you will hardly endure those who try at all costs to talk to you without taking into account that you have no desire. Perhaps it is your character capable of always looking forward that you absolutely do not want to repeat communications and reports that you have already delivered at the time. So do not be dismayed if your unique charm and the desire to have you back from others does not coincide with yours. After all, you have the sense of the future in the zodiac, not all twelve, but do not exclude anything, there is no need to answer as you really think, even in love you do not fight verbally with your partner.


Four host planets in your degrees plus the support of the Sun that will make you feel strong. What more could you want ?! Yours is the best sky of the zodiac for now, but the stars do not stop recommending concreteness and practice that will be necessary, even to counteract an “astral load” stress since you host so many planetary indexes. risk of being too many and putting yourself in the position of not focusing the goal well, but it is the only stress you run in the midst of this long and infinite state of planetary grace that the stars bestow on you and recommend you to concentrate in constructive directions In love, the magic works, there is a great enlargement of your affective dimension which, however, should not rest on its laurels. Nourish the neophyte relationships and try to make the historical ones eternal!

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