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Grace Jones, a Taurus.
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Monday — and following on from last Saturday solar eclipse – the love planet Venus leaves Pisces and enters direct and impatient Aries, where it will remain for most of May. As Venus moved through Pisces, you probably felt tender and melancholic, perhaps yearning for places you’ve never been. But while in Aries, you can identify exactly what you want. right now, whether it’s romantic love, newfound excitement, or simply the pleasure of someone else’s unrequited attention. The universe is mysterious, but for the next few weeks your desire will shine bright enough to pierce the darkness of uncertainty. Stop guessing your impulses, doubting the validity of your emotions. You don’t always have to be deliberate and wise: Sometimes impulsiveness, even recklessness, is the best way to get what you need.

While your goals are still vague and formless, a bit of aimless wandering (whether physically, through your neighborhood, or intellectually, through stories and daydreams) can be surprisingly clarifying. You could To feel as if nothing is happening, as if you have to do more, but it’s not at all true; you discover the world and how many wild and beautiful possibilities exist within it. Often you don’t know what you were looking for until, by chance, you found it. This week, trust that clarity is coming and you haven’t wasted any time after all.

Every time you grow, adapt, or change your mind, it can also feel suspiciously like self-betrayal. With every step forward, it seems like you’re leaving someone important behind. This week, what matters is that you don’t let that feeling of melancholy distract you from the pride you might be feeling as well. You have come so far and learned so much. No relationship, no joy can last forever in one form. And it’s up to you whether the impermanence of life is sweet or painful.

Lately, everyone keeps asking you the impossible. No matter what you give, they demand more; no matter how hard you try, they always say you’re holding something back. It is unbearable to be told that your best efforts are not enough; it makes you wonder if you misunderstand, misunderstand your friends, or both. This week, however, consider that you’re not wrong or inadequate, but rather that some people just aren’t equipped to appreciate what you do. They don’t have the knowledge or the wisdom to recognize how much you are giving. Trust that there are others who will and that you will find them if you make room.

There are distractions everywhere these days – endless little tasks that beg to be done, unimportant questions that need answers just the same, minor dramas that others insist you care about. It’s impossible to avoid all the busy work of being a person, but it’s also important to save time and energy to devote to what really matters: what you value most. For you, that could mean creating art or falling in love or building community. It could be as simple as taking advantage of your limited time on earth. The point is not that there is a better way to live, just that this week your job is to use good judgment and treat your life for the gift that it is.

Even the most unfulfilling longtime relationships can be hard to imagine leaving; the less inspiring plans can feel like they’re set in stone, unavoidable. It’s not because you don’t believe in yourself – in your own courage, in your ability to create change – it’s because you don’t always trust someone else. You doubt that they understand or support you. This week, dare to trust your community a little more. The people who love you will stay by your side. You will not be punished for trying to make things happen.

You can not really know what you are capable of until you have to step up, you cannot know how strong you are until you are called upon to use all your power. Try to remember this when you fear that nothing good or interesting will happen again, or that you will never achieve what you could before. Remember that you have untapped potential within you. When making your plans for the future, assume that you can be brave, wild, and amazing whether you feel it today or not.

Other people describe you as indecisive, but that’s not exactly it. Really, it’s just that it takes you a long time to decide what you want. You like to be Of course before making commitments or closing opportunities. This means that you don’t always know how to react when you are struck by a sudden strong feeling, when, seemingly out of nowhere, your desires are suddenly perfectly clear. It might go against your natural tendencies, but try to go with it. See what happens. Impulsive acts can reap rewards, and you deserve to experience them too.

You pride yourself on rarely mistaking people or misreading a situation. This insight is a gift that has served you well throughout your life. But it’s also helpful to take risks, to give others the benefit of the doubt, to be willing to change your mind. Humans can surprise you. They may turn out to be more interesting than expected. This week, you should expect to be wrong from time to time. It’s not a cause for shame, but an opportunity for happiness you never saw coming.

Despite your recent worries, you absolutely haven’t forgotten how to be brave. You can remember times in the past when you moved with perfect boldness and clarity, but now you feel disconnected from that person. So many walls have risen to contain you, so many new fears hold you back. So this week, practice again to act with courage. Put yourself there. You might get the results you’re looking for, but the real point is that you’re strengthening your at-risk muscles again. You remember the haste, the satisfaction that daring brings.

You have already been told that to be respected, you must never show doubt; that to move forward in the world, you have to be authoritarian, decisive, certain. There may be some truth to this, but it’s also important to ask yourself if you want that kind of respect or fulfillment in the first place. If you feel overwhelmed by the weight of your responsibilities, this week will offer you opportunities for lightness, curiosity, and well-deserved fun. You can live an honorable life and make a “bad” decision from time to time. You are freer than you imagine.

Recently you have been stuck dreaming about how your existence could change in a flash. You keep waiting for the great opportunity that will open all the doors, for your one shining moment to change your destiny. But this week isn’t about focusing on the big picture or the big story arc of your life. Instead, try to think smaller. There are opportunities every day for you to be brave or to follow your curiosity or to prioritize love. You feel so much pressure to reinvent the universe, but that’s not your job. Just live well and be kind to others every day.

We all do certain things for others out of sheer obligation, or some imagined feeling that saying no would be rude. It’s not necessarily bad; we live together on this planet, and our own happiness is linked to the well-being of those around us. But sometimes you worry that people will only appreciate you for your selflessness, your willingness to provide for them at the expense of your own. This week, your task is to cut back on the things you do only out of guilt. The more you say no, the more value and meaning you have when deciding to say yes.

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